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After 20 years, you would think most graphic designers would be enjoying the golden years of their careers. Sought after by customers, creating their best work, respected by their peers. Yet, unbelievably, only about 26% of designers are in their 40s. And that percentage drops to less than 5% over the age of 50!

Why the exodus from design after a certain age? Burn out, ageism, difficult personalities, and technology are only a few of the reasons. It breaks my heart because most people get into design because they are passionate about it and have a genuine desire to spend their days creating.

We started the Angry Designer podcast to help fuel designers to reach a 25, 30 or even 40-year career. We want to cut through the bull that we’ve encountered all too often in the industry and help other designers through those times when they feel fed up and ready to pack it in.

Our topics cover everything from design, technology, trends, burnout, ageism, conflicting personalities, and even the general ridiculousness of the industry. We hope that experienced designers - and those just starting out - will feel reinvigorated to carry on.