The Angry Designer
Sep. 21, 2021

Debunking Design Thinking - What is it & do you need to know it?

The design industry is plagued with buzzwords, fancy new processes, and everyone trying to coin the next big shiny thing. Where does term Design Thinking fit into all of this? Is it a legit thing or just another fancy packaged process to what we already do?

Join the Angry Designers in this episode as they DeBunk the term Design thinking and try to explain it in a way that is meant to be understood vs the fancy descriptions you read on the web. In this charged episode, they cover:

  • Breakdown the term
  • The history of design thinking
  • The 5 step process
  • Ridiculous buzzwords associated with
  • Solutions / Avoidance

This episode should leave you with a clearer understanding of What is Design Thinking, and if it's something you need to know.