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The Angry Designer - 2011 May
May 18

words that hurt andy why

just in case you didn’t know, here is a list of words that hurt and why-

please try to use them to offend / hurt others appropriately in your daily conversations.


May 2

my last name is not gonzalez

i get a few calls a week on my direct phone line from latino telemarketers.

i guess some guy named gonzalez used to work in my position 2 years ago.

call goes like this:

me: hello, this is robert?

telemarketer:  is this mr. gonzalez’ son?

me: no this is robert.

telemarketer: is this mr. gonzalez?

me: no. does my voice sound like my last name is gonzalez?

telemarketer: no sir.

me: sir, this is a print shop and i am a computer operator. if my last name was gonzalez, i would not be able to operate a computer.

telemarketer: sorry for taking up your time.

me: you can call any time, as long as it is to tell me you have a free lunch for me.

telemarketer: we will not call again.

me: i think i’m falling in love with you.

telemarketer: have a nice day, sir.

me: my day would be nicer if you brought me a free lunch.

telemarketer: i am not allowed to give you a free lunch.

me: what if you just come by and feed me my lunch that i already have in the fridge?

telemarketer: i cannot do that, sir.

me: does this mean you are breaking up with me?

telemarketer: we will not call again.

me: you are going to make me cry.

telemarketer finally hangs up.