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A No-Bull Graphic Design Podcast that cuts through industry jargon & nonsense, to help frustrated Graphic Designers, Web & UX designers survive and thrive.

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Our biggest PRICING mistakes - how-to increase your billings for Graphic Design

May. 24, 2022

The Angry Designers discuss some of the biggest pricing mistakes they've made quoting projects - and offer practical advice to increase your billings

Graphic Design Pricing: How to be a Profitable Designer

May. 17, 2022

Money - the thing we all love to have, but HATE to talk about.

SH#T you should NEVER say to a Graphic Designer

May. 10, 2022

Making light of some of the most commonly heard things graphic designers hate to hear, the guys laugh and rant about their most memorable and favourite.

Graphic designers guide to Dynamic Logos

May. 3, 2022

Some brands believe modifying the logo is taboo and would damage the brand. These days, that simply isn't always true.

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Interview questions for Graphic Designers - why they are asked & how to answer them

land the job. Let’s face it! It’s tough to answer these questions on the spot. But we’ll talk about why potential clients or employers as these questions and how you could answer these questions. Let’s dive right into the most common questions asked in an interview for graphic designers.

Angry Designer 101: Graphic Designers guide to ending file management stress

File management. It’s not sexy, it might be a dull topic, but its damn important! SO many people underestimate the importance of file management. But the better you get at it, the better designer you are, and the easier your life is. And THAT…

Graphic Design Movies and Documentaries for Designers

Graphic Design Movies and Documentaries for Designers Not all creative inspiration for a Graphic Designer needs to come from sources like hikes in the wild, a good book, or the call of the web! Sometimes a great flick with the right amount of story…