The Angry Designer

A Graphic Design Podcast that speaks the truth, not sugarcoats it.

The Angry Designer is a No-Bull Graphic Design Podcast that cuts through industry jargon & nonsense, to help frustrated Graphic Designers, Web & UX designers survive and thrive.

Graphic Design Podcast Episodes

Graphic Design Associations: Help or Hype?

Jun. 28, 2022

Graphic design associations - are they helpful, or just full of hype? Do we REALLY need them in the graphic design world?

25 ways to annoy a Graphic Designer

Jun. 21, 2022

Taking a light approach to a heavy topic The Angry Designers countdown 25 ways to annoy a graphic designer.

Should a Graphic Designer learn to code websites?

Jun. 14, 2022

Graphic Designers NEED to be able to expand their skills to keep up with digital elements of the game. For many of us - that now includes websites. But does that mean we need to know how to code websites, or simply just understand the basic principles of coding?

The RISE of AI - A scary future for todays Graphic Designer

Jun. 7, 2022

Can AI artificial intelligence really take the place of a graphic designer?

Graphic Design Podcast for beginners to the experienced

We want to cut through the tyrannical bull that graphic designers encounter all too often in the design industry - be it from celebrity designers & trusted influencers, to other graphic design podcasts and even our peers.

So we started the Angry Designer podcast, an entertaining, no-bull graphic design podcast to help frustrated graphic designers survive & thrive.

Our podcast episodes cover topics from design, technology, trends, burnout, ageism, conflicting personalities, and even the general ridiculousness of the industry.

Graphic Design Blog Posts

Interview questions for Graphic Designers - why they are asked & how to answer them

land the job. Let’s face it! It’s tough to answer these questions on the spot. But we’ll talk about why potential clients or employers as these questions and how you could answer these questions. Let’s dive right into the most common questions asked in an interview for graphic designers.

Angry Designer 101: Graphic Designers guide to ending file management stress

File management. It’s not sexy, it might be a dull topic, but its damn important! SO many people underestimate the importance of file management. But the better you get at it, the better designer you are, and the easier your life is. And THAT…

Graphic Design Movies and Documentaries for Designers

Graphic Design Movies and Documentaries for Designers Not all creative inspiration for a Graphic Designer needs to come from sources like hikes in the wild, a good book, or the call of the web! Sometimes a great flick with the right amount of story…