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A Graphic Design Podcast that speaks the truth, not sugarcoats it.

The Angry Designer is a No-Bull Graphic Design Podcast that cuts through industry jargon & nonsense, to help frustrated Graphic Designers survive and thrive. From bad design trends, burnout and ageism, to difficult customers - no topic is off the table.

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How-To Ask for a Promotion. Boss-Approved Tips for Graphic Designers

EP #194

Asking for a promotion can be nerve-wracking experience for Graphic Designers—it’s like stepping into the ring, ready to fight. Whether you’re aiming to move up in your agency or looking to climb the in-house ladder, the process can feel brutal and, if mishandled, can leave you doubting your worth.

The Women of Type Founder & Lettering Artist Jess Goldsmith on The Angry Designer LIVE from Creative South 2024

EP #192

In this episode of The Angry Designer LIVE, we are thrilled to introduce Jess Goldsmith, an award-winning illustrator, lettering artist, and art director based in NYC. With a vibrant and colorful style, Jess has made waves in the design world, working with global clients to create eye-catching visuals. Her passion for amplifying important causes such as mental health, gender equality, and LGBTQAI+ issues shines through in her work, making her a true advocate for change.

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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Graphic Design Podcast for beginners to the experienced

We want to cut through the tyrannical bull that graphic designers encounter all too often in the design industry - be it from celebrity designers & trusted influencers, to other graphic design podcasts and even our peers.

So we started the Angry Designer podcast, an entertaining, no-bull graphic design podcast to help frustrated graphic designers survive & thrive.

Our podcast episodes cover topics from design, technology, trends, burnout, ageism, conflicting personalities, and even the general ridiculousness of the industry.

Maximalism Unleashed: Breaking Boundaries in Graphic Design

Over the past decade, Graphic Design has brought branding to a boring (or simple) standstill. The oversimplification of brands (or blanding) has left Graphic Designers feeling a sense of creative starvation. While design norms have traditionally believed Less is More, there is a new resurgence of opinion that More is More! And that design style…

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Design like Water – Graphic Design Lessons from Bruce Lee

When you think of Bruce Lee, you probably picture high-flying kicks, lightning-fast punches, and an undeniable, badass charisma. What you might not know is that his deep-rooted philosophies, which shaped his approach to martial arts, have surprising parallels with the world of graphic design. That’s right, the legendary martial artist’s wisdom transcends the dojo and…

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