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The Angry Designer - 2011 June
Jun 23

your not as clever as your GF says you are

I love it when an engaged couple brings in “ultra-clever” wedding announcements that they want printed. “Clever” usually ends up meaning awfully fucked-up retarded.

Jun 14

you shouldn’t follow all of your dreams

this is staring at me on my desk this morning:

arrow in bottom right corner means “flip card over.”

what the fuck is circling those dental picks in the corner?


Jun 2

inspired by a douche bag in a bmw

while i was out for my morning breakfast snack break at einstein bagels i had an interesting occurrence. while i was inside getting my southwest panini morsel of joy, a big awesome douche bag in a new black bmw 2-door 6 series decided to park next to the car that i was in. he parked in such a manner that i wished at the moment that i had a sweet double-sided business card like this one that i made when i got back to the office:

now i am properly prepared for my next douche bag parking encounter.