The Angry Designer
Jul. 26, 2022

6 Logo Design Principles every Graphic Designer should follow

Graphic Designers love logo design projects. Some are great, but oh-so-many are just...visual pollution. And it's not surprising considering all-to-often designers jam in as many possible effects to create a logo version of the Nyan Cat.

Where does a graphic designer start to ensure they don't go too far in creating an amazing logo that will rock for your client? 

In this Logosode of The Angry Designer, Shawn & Massimo share their tried and true Logo Design Principles that have propelled their logo design projects from $500 to over $20,000. In this episode, the guys cover:
- why logos are important to companies
- what makes a good logo
- logo design principles
- what makes a logo trendy
- what to avoid when designing logos

Whether you're just starting, or have been successfully designing logos for years, this episode has something for everyone.