A Chat About Running A Successful Creative Agency with Kristy Campbell

What does it take to run a successful Graphic Design and Branding agency? Or better yet, to be invited to speak at Adobe Max not once, but TWICE!

Saddle up for the second half of our amazing conversation with social media sensation Kristy Campbell.

From her thoughts on the future of AI in graphic design, her secrets to success, business wins & business fails to her upcoming talk at @adobe MAX, we uncover it all in part 2 of an epic conversation with the AWESOME @kristy.thepinkpony, Founder and Chief Designer at @pinkponycreative 🙌

Join The Angry Designers for part 2 of a VERY special episode filled with a ton of laughs, life lessons & Kristy’s infectious personality 😁

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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