Are Graphic Design Awards Good or Evil?

How often have you looked at award winning design work and wondered “How the heck did that win?”  Love them or hate them, awards are a part of the Graphic Design industry…but should they be?  

From superficial judging criteria and nepotism, to entry fee’s and heart aches, are Graphic Design Awards really all they’re cracked up to be?

Join the Angry Designers for another furiously fun filled episode where they put Graphic Design Awards in the firing line. In this episode, the guys cover:

– Are Graphic Design awards important
– What exactly is a design award
– Reasons why design awards are good
– Reasons why design awards are bad

Whether you’re thinking about entering a design contest, or just frustrated from past experiences, this episode will help you keep your eye on the prize -> your customer.

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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