Creating Creative Workspaces: Desk Setup Ideas for Graphic Designers


From reduced stress & increased productivity, to unlimited creativity, a Graphic Designers workspace directly reflects creativity!

While some of us might thrive in the local coffee shop or a shared hot-desking workspace, others need the routine and collaboration of a dedicated space that they can make their own.

Join the Angry Designers where they explore the importance of creative workspaces, and why it’s all about achieving a creative atmosphere. In this episode, the Graphic Design Duo turned Interior Decorators cover topics like:

– Creative Environment vs Creative Atmosphere
– Benefits of having a dedicated workspace
– Key Components of a good workspace
– Building your space

By the end of this episode, you’ll be running to your TV to watch HGTVs Hottest new Design Duo…not…just head to YouTube and that’ll be enough.

Episode Transcript

Creating Creative Workspaces desk setup ideas for graphic designers: 
Welcome to Angry Designers, where Moss will sing the entire time. This is their musical, the musical episode. Angry Designer, the Musical. Hey, hey. Hey John. How you doing? Oh, am good. . I'll be the rich baritone . Rich. Rich baritone. Deep baritone. Oh boy. Yet we have another episode. Here we go. Here we go again.

Wow. But we're on our cheers. On our salute. We're on our regular side. On on. Yeah. Everything seems normal. Like a normal, normal. But yes, I don't want to give, I don't want give too much away. We had a special session yesterday We did. That we did. Which we will talk about at the end of this episode. Cheers, sir.

What do you think about that? I like that Today's libation is Writer's [00:01:00] Tears. Yes. Writer's tears. Writer's tears. You know, you know why the writers are crying. Sean Fox Chat. G p t four came out and and we're drinking their tears right now. Their tears are damn good then they're damn good. Thanks. Thanks.

Chat for helping this out. . Um, no, this is actually, it's, it's Irish whiskey, is it not? Mm. Right. So you definitely feel a little bit more, um, oh, is this, is this because of what is coming up? It is. It is St. Patty's Day. Woo. So, you know, I thought, you know, why not? Let's, um, you know, in celebration of both St.

Patty's Day and Chat GT four. Yeah. Like part. Yeah. Yeah. They just released a new version. Oh wow. Yeah. Yeah. It's only a paid version. I know. Pretty crazy. It's a paid version. Yeah. It's, it's, so you only get it with the plus membership, but, um, so that's how they're gonna do that. It's pretty crazy. But yeah.

This is, um, this is nice flavored though. Like, it's, it's really good. It's kind of like, you know, hurdles that whole, it's got a little bit of that. Like, [00:02:00] Scotty, what, what is that Like? It's little light. Light Petey flavor. Easy. Yep. Nice light aftertaste, right? Like it's an easy drink. It reminds me. Tastier whiskey year, version of Jameson.

Ah, yes. Like it's, it's better, I think. Yeah. Yeah, I think so too. Yeah. And, and I mean, this is purely for the graphic designer. I mean, look at this thing. Mm-hmm. Like, look, look, look at all these little writers everywhere here crying, right in that back seat. You see them all? Yeah. Oh, they're all crying. And then look at this nice little font thing up here.

Look at that. Look at that. You guys, you guys need to see this. That's really cool. Look at, look at them cry. If you're on a YouTube channel that's trying, look at them, cry. They're all over. And look at this little font feature right here. It. Yeah. Anyway, it's nice, nice packaging. Um, love that copper look and, uh, and that taste is good.

So, yeah. Geez, I I would recommend this one, anybody. This is really nice. Yeah. It's an easy drinker. It's, it's an easy drinker. Yeah, absolutely. It's copper pot. I don't know why, what that means, but Copper [00:03:00] pot. Yeah. Isn't that ? The, the penguins, uh, . She said name, no. What's his name? Oh shit. Oh, I give something Cobble Pot.

I have no idea what you're talking about. Oh really? Oh no, the Penman from Batman. Really? Yeah, he has a real name. It's um Oh. Oh yeah. That's good. All right. Cobble Pott is his cobble pot anyway. Cobble pot. Yeah. DM or, or, uh, tell us what, what is, uh, correct us, correct us. First thing is, so, yeah, so we had a, a great episode yesterday.

Did we ever? Right. We had a, a nice, uh, and, and, and again, it's wanna tease everybody. Mm-hmm. But it was an interview yesterday. We Yes. We, again, we are not doing many of these, but mm-hmm. , this was actually really cool. And it was from, you know, a hero and it was Yep. One of my heroes again, you know, uh, and he's been around, he's been doing this for 20 years.

Mm-hmm. dude's hot right now. He's Oh. And we learned so much. Yes. You know, so it's great stuff that We'll, uh, we'll definitely, you know, hint [00:04:00] towards, right? Yes. But at the end, we'll tell you who it is. You gotta stick a around. Oh, okay. . Ah, stick around. Oh, that's how the, that's how you get it, man. . Yeah. Right.

Nowadays just, yeah. Look, fuck it like that. You're welcome. Yeah. Mind you, they could just like scrub it all the way to the end and be like, just Zzz. Yeah, exactly. They could totally do that. Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Aw. All right. How you doing? I'm feeling a little raw because yesterday I had, you know, a couple drinks as well, and, um, this is a second time.

This is like, , I guess it was like being like a, being a rockstar. , you're drinking every night and partying and Oh, that's a horrible thing. Right? It's a horrible thing. I need to go off tour here, . Interestingly enough though, so, so one of the interesting things that we did talk about last night with, with, with whoever, was that we interviewed this person was, yeah.

Um, again, super amazing work. Very good quality, you know, like, you know, charges the big box for what he's doing. and his studio's [00:05:00] at home. Yes. Right home studio. Right. So he is, he is, he's like a one man show. Mm-hmm. , um, you know, well, I guess not necessarily true, cuz I think he's also, he also works with his wife, right?

Yes. She does a lot of the copy and such and Yep. And helps with the business side. But I mean, ultimately the dude's working at home, which, mm-hmm. , you know, it's, it, it's, it's like a nice thing. . Yeah. And it's also a curse. Yes. And I kind of got that vibe too cuz it was like he really wanted to talk to us.

he loved talking to us. It was the longest interview ever and it was great. Had so much to talk about , but the poor guy probably doesn't have much other than, you know, his kids and the wife on on a day, day-to-day basis, right? Yes. So it's like a treat. Yeah. And do you remember that when you were covid lockdown, like, dude, I was here for covid lockdown.

Right? Because I couldn't go at home. I didn't have the right. Right, so, and this is, you know, interestingly enough what we're here to talk about today, but no, during Covid, you guys were all working from home and I was like, Nope, peace out . I can't, I'm going to continue to go to the office. I came here, I brought the [00:06:00] dog and we hung out here and it was.

And then it was, although it was a little lonely, the environment was perfect. Yes. Right. So it was, it was okay. I managed to fly that one through. But, um, you know, like, I mean, again, working from home, you know, working in a studio, working at these WeWork places, coffee shops, WeWork, you know. Yeah. Like, you know, those, like, uh, what is it, like the co-sharing or whatever, I saw one of those in, uh, San Diego.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. They're huge. Huge. But I mean, . It's kind of like that whole, a good and a bad for our space, right? Mm-hmm. . Because a lot of times what happens is people, you know, it's like we're almost transient. Mm-hmm. , you know, we're going, we can go anywhere we want. Mm-hmm. . And while that is a blessing, it's actually kind of a curse.

It is as well. Curse. Yeah. Like it's nice to be able to pick up and go work from Starbucks for an afternoon, but I know some people that were doing that on a regular basis. Yes. It's funny because I remember when we were. after meeting a client in Montreal, right? Yeah. Our car. Yeah. In, what was that? Uh oh.

What town was that? Corn Cornwell. Cornwell Corn. [00:07:00] Cornwall. Corn. . Corn. Cornwall, Cornwall. But that was my first kind of experience other than working by myself. Yeah. Or on my own, like freelancing, but was like, This was a, a transient kind of Yes, exactly like you said. And we did, we put in a full day cuz the car was being fixed.

We worked at a, at a Starbucks. Right. It was, and and we would keep going from inside and inside. Yes. Just to change it up every couple hours. Okay, Sean, let's go back to the patio. , let's go inside. It's just, yeah. It's, it's, yeah. It's, it's not, it's not. I don't know. I mean, I, I, and again, it's nice to do as a change occasionally.

Mm-hmm. , but, uh, me personally, I can't wait to come back to the office. Yes. Like my office is like agreed. My perfect creative space. Yes. Right. Yes. And, um, and I mean, it took a little while to get there. Right. And I, I, I like the coffee shop thing, don't get me wrong. But, um, you know, it just, just how much of a difference.

You know, like I'm, I feel comfortable in my studio here and, and even in my little, little corner of my studio, right? Mm-hmm. and it's just kind of, it's got all my [00:08:00] stuff around me. It's, it's built the way I work and, um, it's, it's fucking fantastic. Yes. Right. So I oddly I like that. Yeah. To the point now where I had a home office mm-hmm.

in the basement. Yeah. And, uh, and it's nice. It's cool. But you know what, I've turned it into a video game room , and we got two video game back to back consoles. So. Nice. You know, me and my little guy Will, will play Fortnite together. I'm on one tv, he's on the other. And it's, um, we changed that. Right.

Because it's just like, I couldn't get into it anymore. Right. It's like, you know, I, I, I, I just can't, I would, I would rather wake up, you know, at four in the morning and come here, you know, ridiculously early. , but it's just like the environment. Like it's just, it's so much better. It is, yeah. Even if it's just me in here.

Yeah. Right. So, um, and I think that's, that's, I mean, that's what we're here to talk about. Yes. Right? Is, is designing your workspace and the importance of, uh, you know, creating space for designers, right? Mm-hmm. . And again, although it is really cool, you know, that we can work anywhere we want, there's huge benefit to.[00:09:00] 

A space Yep. Where you work effects, you know, your work, your mood and everything. So, big time, one of my kids has soccer. Yep. Right? And so, and it's at, uh, like giant complex, right? Mm-hmm. and she's a teenager now, so, so that means I'm not allowed to watch her practice. Okay. I can't, I can't watch. I'm also not allowed to look at her, um, breathe around her just generally 15 feet.

Yeah. Yeah. You know? Generally exist. I'm not allowed to do that in a presence anyway. I generally exist once I breathed in front of her. And my God, I mean, she didn't talk to me for two weeks. How dare I swear. . She

But I mean, so anyway, when we would go, right, and I mean, she's there for 90 minutes, right? Mm-hmm. . So perfect opportunity for me to get work done, right? Sometimes on the podcast, sometimes ed factor stuff. Yeah. And um, and there's. Beautiful library there. Hmm. Right. And I would go into the library. Yeah. And it's a library.

Yeah. So it's quiet as beautiful. The furniture is pimping. [00:10:00] It's all modern. It's got makerspace, like it's a cool fucking library. Yeah. But it's so quiet. Hmm. That it's just like, I just, I, I tried, I tried, I tried and it's just, it just, Wasn't, I wasn't getting anything done. Yeah, right. Then, um, the one day I was like, wait a minute, you know what's on the other side?

Cuz on the other side of this complex is like, uh, hockey rinks. Oh, well, lo and behold there's a sports bar at the other side, . So, and I was jonesed for a beer the one day. Oh. So instead of the library, I'm like, listen, do you mind if I work here? And, and she's like, yeah, absolutely. I ordered a pint, went in the corner and a and dude, Jesus, it was amazing the environment music.

It was, it was such a different vibe. And it was, you know, I like all of a sudden my creativity was just like, so yeah, your environment directly totally affects your output. That's right. And I never realized it as much as that like, I mean cuz again in I was just a figured it was inside this office and outside.

But even between those two places, like how much of a difference it made. Totally. And the importance it is in us as designers, as [00:11:00] creatives. Right. Which I think is crazy. So were you comfortable working at the. You were No, you weren't like, I mean, physically I was cuz they were beautiful chairs and this and that.

It's a nice space. It's, but it just, it's a beautiful space. Yes. But it was lacking something. Right? Okay. Yeah. Where the sports bar mm-hmm. completely different. It was energetic, it had energy in theirs. Yes. You know, TV music. Yeah. Um, people chatting. You could hear, you know, just the clinking of glasses. I had a beer such a.

Um, environment, right? Mm-hmm. . And I think that's, that's a big part that people don't understand. Yeah. Right? There's a difference between a creative environment and a creative atmosphere. Mm. Okay. And this is where, this is the game changer. Okay, now hear me out. Okay. You got these companies like Google and all these tech companies here in fucking town, right?

And they're dropping. All this money to make their fucking offices like amusement parks. Mm-hmm. , right? They're at this, at pong tables and slides and colors and this and that. Right. And they're creating this, you know, awesome creative environment. Mm-hmm. , [00:12:00] but. because of the people that are there. Mm-hmm. and the culture that they're adopting and the work, it's not a creative atmosphere.

Right. Okay. Yep. And again, creativity doesn't necessarily come from your surroundings. Yeah. But from the atmosphere of the surroundings. Yes. Right? Yes. So it doesn't even have to be these guys are dropping all this money, creating this, you know, circus of an office, but it's not working because they're not getting any more output.

They're not getting creativity because they're lacking the atmosphere that creatives needs. Right. And that was kind of the difference between the library. And this sports bar, right? Yeah. The library, the atmosphere was very stark quiet. You know, it's learning, you know, there's kids there. Yeah. It was, it was very a little more formal.

Yes. Like, like you'd expect from a library. Yes, exactly. Pimp and plays. Yeah. Look, it probably looked really nice, right? The, the sports bar. Yeah. I mean, it was, it was kind of a little bit more like a dive, right? It was like wood gritty, non gritty, right. Music and, you know, laughing and this and that. But I mean, the atmosphere was so different.

It was more conducive to being creative, right? Yes. So I think that's a. [00:13:00] Thing. Like that's, that's a big difference I think. Um, yeah, I don't know. I think that's why I. You know how like I always razz on people when we go on Instagram and these people are showing these beautiful desks and, but there's, this is my work desk here.

There's nothing there but a key word of mouse, maybe some glowing lights behind there, . And it's like, dude, it looks good, but there's nothing creative. I couldn't imagine working in this minimal creative environment, and I don't care what anybody says. Yeah. If they're like, no, no, that's how I work. You're a fucking liar.

You're a liar. That's, that's why you're at the coffee shop all the time because your work desk, you're your work desk. Yeah, it's missing everything. It totally is, but yes. It's funny because my work desk, when I was working at home during Covid Yeah, you remember the guy in Jurassic Park? ? Yeah. was like everywhere.

Yeah. Shit. All over the place. That was, that was you, right? . Yeah. Pretty creative, Sean. Yes, exactly. It was like, I was not proud of that, but I was that guy. You know what the whole point about a creative atmosphere is? It's [00:14:00] basically you want people to feel comfortable. You want to. Comfortable. Yeah. You know, you want it to be like a, a safe place where it's like, you know, or it feels safe so you can open up mm-hmm.

you know, you're creative. Cause a lot of times, again, getting to that whole creative level, you know, of, of your conscious, you know, you have to unwind and open up a bit mm-hmm. and if the environment is stark and, and not conducive of this Yes. Right. You're just never going to get there. Yes. Right. So that's, that's, that's what the atmosphere needs to have.

So it's not necessarily the creative environment, it's the creative atmosphere. Yes. Need to try Yep. To, to attain, right? Mm-hmm. . Now you look at some of the cool, the cool people that we've seen, right? Like, um, you know, we watched, uh, that special on Tinker Hatfield. Tinker Hatfield, who was the designer for Nike, the shoe designer.

The guy who's, who's basically from the start. Yeah. Remember his studio? He was, uh, yes. I could not forget that studio. He's like a 2000 square foot garage in his backyard. Mm-hmm. , he's got like a, a Volkswagen bus in there. Mm-hmm. . He's got like his music in instruments full, right? Yeah. Yeah. Everywhere you look [00:15:00] is just, it's him.

Yeah. It's his environment. It's his what makes him tick, right? Yes. Yeah. So again, you can see the importance like he brought, he created this atmosphere because it's all based on the things that, you know, make him who he is Exactly. Experiences. Right. Flex his personality. Uh, like to a t that's him. Yeah. Um.

Aaron Draplin. Aaron Draplin? Yes. Okay. So again, you look at his place. Sounds a lot like your desk. Yeah. . Okay. Like his place, you know, you saw it. It was just it. It was chaos. Yes. But he is chaos. Yes. Love the guy. Yep. But you have to admit he's everywhere. His energy's everywhere and he's all over here. It's what makes him.

Awesome. Right? Yes. He's got this giant record wall behind him and he says he can find anything you want on there, right? Yes. . And you look, and it's just like every little corner of his place has got his personality everywhere. Yeah. Right. So when he, you know, goes to his, you know, backyard studio or mm-hmm.

what did he call it? His, his 2000 square foot shed or something. Right. Like, again, it's. It's his safe place because it's a complete reflection of him. Right. Um, you know, the dudes [00:16:00] over at, uh, Lincoln Design Company, right? Lincoln Design. So go check out their, so they just move locations right now. And again, it's just like, you know, you walk in, you know what these guys are like, you, you know, you see their stuff, you see their energy, their vibe.

You, you walk in. It's just like they've got the, it looks like a bar when you first walk in. Dude, I'm so jealous. Right, like with their, the furniture and everything. But again, then as you go through it, it's just, it, you know, skateboards everywhere, stickers everywhere. There's merch everywhere. Like, it's just the whole place has that vi you know, and again, everybody's like from, you know, skateboarding to like high fiving.

I think I was seeing them drink some Yeager for a little while. Those guys, you know, strike me as yay guys, . But um, again, That environment. Yeah. Right. And it's, it's the atmosphere so that they created the environment and you can see that they live that atmosphere. Yes. So that's huge. I think that's something that most people forget about Yeah.

When they kind of go through this, right? Yeah. Your personality or your, your space will be reflected of your personality, I think. Absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. It [00:17:00] embodies the creativity, right. That, that owns them. Yeah. Right. And that's what you want the space to be. It's just literally a reflection of, of who you are, what you do, the vibe that you care, right?

Yes. Yeah. I mean, it's. There's huge benefits of course to designers. Um, you know, having a workspace yes. That they can call their own versus this awesome, transient lifestyle, you know, going from coffee shop, you can do that. It's only gonna be good for so long. That's exactly it. And you know, and sometimes, you know, you see people working from home, but they just kind of work in the kitchen table or this or that, which you know, is okay.

But it's, it's still the advantages of creating, you know, having a dedicated workspace to call your own, right? Yeah, yeah. Um, you know, so number one, obviously improved creativity. Mm-hmm. , right? Like that's through the roof. It's, it's a source of inspiration of creativity. Yeah. You know, it allows you to kind of, Fully, you know, immerse yourself into everything that you know, you, you have, you embody.

Right. It's like a spaceship, like a pod. You're getting into your creative space. Exactly. You're ready to take off, you know? Boom. [00:18:00] Right. Yeah. That's so perfect. Cause we're just talking about Star Wars too. I love it. Um, you know, increased productivity? Yes. Okay. So there's no question that, you know, if you get out of that, that environment, the Starbucks environment, or you in coffee shop or, or beside a beach or something, or even the host and you get into your dedicated space.

Yep. Your productivity's gonna go through the roof, right? Yeah. Because you're there and you're trained. to to do that. Yes. You know, you're, you're there, you're heading there. It helps you stay focused. You avoid distractions. Yes. Because that's what that environment's for. Right? It's what it's conducive of.

Totally. Better organization. Yep. Okay. I don't care what anybody says. Mm-hmm. . So at my house, I can never find fucking anybody because I got kids and they take everything. Everything disappears. Exactly. Magically. And then it's like, Does anybody know where he goes? Nobody. I haven't seen it yet. Yet. I'm like, you know, I can tell you like to a certain to what shelf.

You know, in my office a certain book is . Yes. You know what's in my drawers in underneath my desk. I know where everything, exactly, where everything is. Right. So [00:19:00] again, organization factor, cuz I can't tell you how much stress, unnecessary stress you go. Looking for shift. Totally. Right. You create that environment, you know, you've got places for things, you've got storage set up for areas.

Yeah. So again, huge for organization. Um, of course reduces stress. Yeah. Hands down when you have your own space, right? Yeah. It helps you meal, feel more comfortable, less stress, you know, it's your safe area to kind of get shit done. Yep. Um, huge, you know, and, and it also helps you, um, elevate your own personal sense of professionalism.

Oh, okay. So interesting. When you, if you are in a. If you are at your kitchen table, right, or your makeshift kitchen table because you live in a small space or whatever. Yeah, yeah, that's cool. But when you actually give yourself a dedicated workspace, it all of a sudden gives you this, this new sense of professionalism.

Yes. That you've now. You're taking it a little bit more serious. Yeah. You know, you act serious. It could be a total pigsty. Yeah. You know, if, if that's how you want to call it. Yeah. . [00:20:00] But the, the, the reality is now it's ownership. Yeah. And all of a sudden it gives you that new sense of professionalism that, that having that, that mixy mixed up space you never had, you don't get.

That when you go to like the library or, or the bar or something there? No. Oftentimes you got just your laptop there. Mm-hmm. , you know what I mean? Like you, it's, it's a, it's a bare minimum kind of, you know what I mean? Like a Yeah. It's a rudimentary absolutely set. Yeah. You don't have that and you don't feel professional cuz it's not your space.

It's not. Exactly. I don't care what anybody says. Yes. And and the biggest thing is it really allows you to have that whole work-life balance. Yes. Yes. Because if you are working from your kitchen table and then you are cooking from your kitchen table, and then you are, you know, living in your kitchen table, right.

Where's that work? Where, where does work end and life begins? And, and I know sometimes it's a little, you know, uh, it's a blur area to begin with when Yeah. You do what we do and we love what we do. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So, I mean, sometimes it's blurred is it's hard enough. So when you're able to leave one [00:21:00] environment and go to another one that's dedicated for getting shit done.

Yep, dude, it's just that line is just automatically drawn. It's perfect. It's perfect in that sense. I think that's a generational. I don't know. Like, I like doing that. I, but I, I know a lot of kids like, uh, my wife where she works, they're younger. They love working from home. Yeah, they would prefer doing that, but I, I like you, I love going to a dedicated space.

There's something about that. Yeah. I don't know what it is, but it depends. It seems like an old time. It depends what, what I think the, the task is because again, the creative environments in the studios, See, right? They still want the collaboration. They still want people to kind of get out. We saw what happened with Covid, right?

When everybody was forced to work from home. You know, at first it was new, it was exciting, but within like a month, six weeks, creativity dropped. Everybody hated. So, you know, some people they. They excel working from home. Yes. But I don't necessarily think in, um, always in those environments. Right. I don't think unless they're free of answer and that's what they do and that's how they [00:22:00] operate.

Yeah. And I think it depends on your job too. Like my wife, she's on calls all the time, so you can do that from home that you don't need to go into an office to, to get on a phone call with somebody. Absolutely. You know what I mean? Absolutely. So, so, but when, when you're in a creative. Space that we are, there's, that's the thing that I miss the most, was just like wandering into your office going, how would this x work?

You know what I mean? Like, you just can't do that. You get on a call, you're busy or whatever, you know what I mean? Or, or Tally's busy or something like that. It's just, it was such a, Disconnected feeling. It felt that way, didn't it? Yeah, totally. Just, you felt like you were like that astronaut guy on the end, tether, you know, hanging out there.

Hello? God, I'm watching a lot of Star Wars and, uh, everything's space relief. The hell's going on here. Get down to earth here. Yeah, I, you know, I, I, I've known some people who, who, who can work from home. Um, but even, even those people still have dedicated spaces. Yeah. Yes. Like, just like the pool we were talking to yesterday.

Right. Yeah, he worked from home. Yes. But he [00:23:00] had his, his dedicated space. It was pretty cool. Yeah. Totally pied out. Right. Um, and again, and I even said, I said, are you gonna change your basement into a studio? And he is like, no, no, I'm gonna keep this. Cause he's created his space. Michael Jan is another one, right?

Yeah. Yeah. He had the whole studio and, and now he's got his home studio. Yep. And again, it is, you want to talk about personalization? I mean, check out that guy's space. Okay. I've never seen so many superheroes and bobbleheads in one place. I think he's got more than fun. Call with sells does . So, I mean, there's, there's definitely some, some benefits to creating a dedicated workspace, right?

So, you know, uh, Again, I recommend it Of course. And I think, um, the benefits speak for themselves. So, you know, let's, let's, I guess just kind of in general and before we get to, you know, who we're talking to tomorrow, like the, um, where to start with something like this mm-hmm. . And although everybody's like, well duh, just, just create it.

Right? Yeah. There, there is a little bit more to it than that. Yes. Okay. And again, you can, you can half-ass anything [00:24:00] you want. Mm-hmm. , but I mean, we kind of go bullet things a little differently. Yeah. Okay. And there's purpose for everything, right? Yeah. So like first and for. Um, you know, the thing that I have always done from day one with this place mm-hmm.

is I imagine what the ambience is supposed to be. Hmm. And I know that sounds silly, but when I'm not here, nobody turns on the stereo out front. And, and music is in blasting. Right. . But that's cause we all have our own here. Yeah. Well, but see, I'm not doing it. I don't do it for what you're saying. I don't do it for people walking in.

Right. That background music, whether it's lo-fi, whether it's hip hop, whether it's drum and bass, right. , it's part of the atmosphere, right? It's part of the ambiance, right. That you have to try to create. Right. I get it. Cause that is so conducive of that kind of environment. Right. Okay. And again, that's, that's what separates coffee shops from coffee shops, right?

Yeah. That's why, you know, like, uh, a Dunking Donuts or Tim Hortons is like this, we're Starbucks is like that. Yeah. Right? It's the ambience that people have when they get in there. Right. So this is where you have to kind of dig deep and figure out [00:25:00] what, what that is for you. All right. So obvious it's the, it's funny too.

Sorry to interrupt. You're, you're absolutely right. I get that now because if you go into a bar or anything like that, there's always background music. There's, it, it creates that ambience, the, the, the vibe of the vibe that that place is trying to, to carry. Right. Whereas the library Yep. Is silent. So there's no real vibe there.

Nothing, ah, nothing at all. Right. And that's huge. And, and that's like, to me, that's where it all starts. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, to clarify ambience, it's the atmosphere or the mood of the particular environment, the space that you're trying to create, right? Yeah. And this is a combination of elements like, um, you know, lighting color, texture, design.

Sound, furniture, all these things actually have to work together to create that ambiance. And I mean, it's, it's funny you think like it, it's, it's not something big. Yeah. Right. Because even when I did have my home office, which now is a video game room, . Okay. You know, I'd have my desk. Yeah. Right. And then I'd had the one tv, I had the second TV behind me.

And even when I'd be [00:26:00] working from home for whatever reason, right, that second TV, I would turn. You'd have music on it. I would have music, but it would be like, depending on the mood, right? It would be like that funny environmental music. Sometimes it would be like that soft music with water playing. Yeah.

It sounds so cheesy, but, and again, but it's just. That environment. Yes. I need to create in that space to get me in that zone. Fair enough. Yeah. Sometimes it's music, um, sometimes it's videos or whatever, but often it would be, you know, sometimes it was just some of that low drone type of focus, music sound with the funny lights.

And, and again, I wouldn't turn around and look at the TV behind me. Yeah, yeah. But it's just the glare, the sound, the lights that would, you know, go off the walls. Yeah. It just created. Ambience that I needed that vibe that I needed. Right? Yes. And honestly, it is so important. It's got a huge impact on, you know, your emotions.

Yep. On your behavior, on just, just your feeling of that space. Yes. And so, and that's, that's, that's probably the biggest reason why when I get here, you know, I'm always, I flip that on, I flip that on, I make sure it's on [00:27:00] and, and it's just, it's not so loud. Yeah. It's that it's annoying. Yeah, it's just backgrounds.

Yeah, that's exactly it. So, um, you know, by considering that's by, by considering what you're trying to achieve there, right? You can create that atmosphere that is more inviting, more comfortable, more creative, more, you know, upper class. It's more money, like whatever that vibe is. So to me, obviously that's where it always starts.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. You gotta figure out what is your ambience, that that is gonna help you excel, right? Yes. And then of course we start breaking it down to the most obvious. , right? Like obviously you need a desk Yep. Of some sort, right? Yep. Whether it's a sit desk or a stand desk. Mm-hmm. , you need a desk of a sort and you know, do yourself a favor, make sure it's big enough that you can have your computer.

Plus you've got breathing space. Yes. Right. You can put your arms out, stretch them out on your desk. Right? Yes. You need a little bit of room posture is extremely important. Yes. When it comes to a desk, which is why I obviously would recommend the standing desk. Yeah. Because posture is important. When it comes to, uh, fo uh, sorry.

Posture's important with [00:28:00] focusing and creativity. Hmm. Okay. Believe it or not, if you've got shitty posture, yeah. You will, you know, you'll struggle to get focused. Um, you'll struggle for, you know, your creative output. Like there's a link there. Wow. Okay. And there's been a study that proves that standing desks, um, it improves your posture, increases productivity.

by almost 50 fucking percent, if you can believe that. For real. Yeah, a hundred percent. Um, so again, um, that's why I stand. I've, I've been standing down for so long, I don't even remember how to sit down. Right. I really don't. if you are going to stand at a desk. Yep. Okay. Um, absolutely, absolutely. My recommendations from doing it for 10 years now and more, um, you need.

Thick pad to stand on. Yes. Okay. So it's easier in your joints and you need something to prop your leg up on, you know, and kind of put one leg on. I have these kick ass, like 12 inch by 12 inch big wooden blocks. Like these things weigh a ton of piece. It looks fucking cool. And it's just a big chunk of just wood underneath my desk.

[00:29:00] And uh, and there's something about it cuz it's, it, the wood, it's soft, it's warm. I can put my, but again, I'm squishing it up all day. Yeah. So, so again, there's so much good evidence to stand mm-hmm. . You don't have to. If you're gonna sit sitting, they say, is the new smoking great? Yeah. Throw in a drink and you're done.

I know. So I'm going the Don Draper route. , if you are gonna sit though. Yeah. Yeah, right. Um, chair. Invest in a good chair. Absolutely right. You need a chair. Make sure it's, make sure it's, you know, something that's comfortable and it's adaptable. Right. That, that, you know, gets your arms rested as you need to.

Right. And it, that it promotes good posture. Yeah. You don't have to go crazy and go buy like a Harmon Miller or Aaron Chair. I mean, why not? If you, you can afford, you can afford 3000 bucks, then shit, go for it. That would be the comfortable experience. You don't need to go that far. You don't. Right. And that's the reality.

At however, um, I recommend staying away from the knockoffs, cuz those knock. Suck. Do they really? So the, the one thing though is that, that err on chair is incredible [00:30:00] like for, for, um, comfort for ergonomics, right? It is, it's worth the money if you can, if you can dish out 1500 bucks for one, right? Yeah. But, um, those cheap knockoffs that are like, Six, 700 bucks.

500 bucks, 300 bucks. Yeah. Stay away Steve. Stay away from find something else. That's even the gaming chairs I have to question cuz you know they're not necessarily meant for sit sitting straight. Yeah. They're more of a live back, right? Yeah. Right. Yeah, because they're kind of based off of like an old race car seat, right?

Yes. So it's, it's not necessarily so regardless, right. Um, chair desk, which is obvious, right? Yeah. You need a couple. Find those are the basics. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. The peripherals you need thereafter, cor, oh wait, no, no. And then ergonomics. Ah, right. While you're building this out. Okay. It's really important to always think about ergonomics.

Mm-hmm. , because again, you know, like I said, if you have, um, shitty posture. Yeah. Right. It's gonna be harder to focus. You're gonna be constantly itching and moving and this and that, and your creativity will slim. You know, your productivity will drop. So again, you have to think of ergonomics. But ergonomics is so in.

Hmm. Okay. Because for years they [00:31:00] would always tell you to make sure, for, for me, for example, that they would always tell you to make sure your monitor, you know, your eyes are at the top of the monitor. Yeah. Okay. So when that was happening, I'm, you know, because my eyes, I'm constantly looking a little bit down, down, down neck because yeah, I'm like down, down and I'm, I'm constantly down.

Dude, I had for years, Had like problems in my neck because of this and I was just like, you know what this Right. Yeah. So I started moving it up, up, up, up. Yeah. Right now my eyes are sitting, you know, middle of the monitor to the near the bottom. Yes. So you're gonna look around, dude. Yeah. So I'm my posture.

Now I'm standing straight. My chin is higher. Yeah. Right. My neck is sitting back. Cause I'm not like reaching down and looking forward and a huge difference. But again, that's what worked for me. Yeah. So they're claiming that's the wrong way to do it, but I'm. , how are you telling me it's wrong for me?

Because? Because it works best for me. What exactly? Yes. So don't get too hung up on that kind of shit, right? Sure. Yeah. Ultimately, you want to minimize the strain on your eyes, on your neck, and on your back. Yeah. So whatever is comfortable for you, that's what's important, right? Yes. So you just, you have to find what that sweet [00:32:00] spot is, right?

Because it's different for everybody. Yeah. Um, then, you know, when you move on to things like your desk, right? You get a desk. . Right. Because again, if you want ergonomics, you want like a, you know, always recommending a giant desk pad. Yes. Right. Because what that does is it actually allows, you know, everything to move a lot more freer on it.

Yes. Right? Yes. It's a little bit more warmth. Um, the desk pad, you know, allows your mouse to slide on that a little bit better. Mm-hmm. . Um, I always use the magic mouse. It's small, it's, it's minimal. Yep. Um, I like it, even though a lot of people razz us on it. Well, it is, it is a bit of a, you know, the shit show or you gotta plug it in on the ball.

Fuck. I don't know why the hell they do that. Yeah. What is that? But other than that, it works really well. Well, I think so, right? Yeah. But then, um, you know, with that being said, I need some sort of risk support for it. Yes. So now, now that I got the big guess Pat it is. Right? Yes. So, totally. Do you, do you try I use it.

I. And it makes, cuz I used to, my, my palm used to hurt. Yes. By the end of the week. And then it would go away for the two. For the weekend. Yep. And then, and then come back and bug me [00:33:00] on like by Friday. But so this little, this, this palm, what is it, like a palm support palm thing? Right? It's a palm rest and it's like, it, it, it's like it works perfectly for the desk pad.

Yeah. It slides around so it's like you're not moving. Anymore. It's all like at the elbow. Yeah. Yeah. It great. It's just fantastic. It slides. It's really, really good. Yeah. Yeah. That was a game changer. You're Absolut, right? Yeah. It's so silly. All these little things make for huge gains, right? I know. Um, another thing is people often, when they have a laptop, , they use the laptop keyboard.

Yes. Well, that's not necessarily great for a long. Oh, I do. I You shouldn't. You need the external keyboard. Oh, really? Right. There's so many. I mean, having an extended keyboard with the, with the digits on the right hand side. Right. It spreads out. It keeps your hands out wider. Dude, we got extras. Oh, really?

Try right. And plug that bad boy in. Like, it's like, yeah, because again, it, it just helps with the entire setup, right? Yeah. And do you have your mo, do you have your laptop? I don't have the laptop raised, but I'm, I have my monitors. You have your monitor raised. Yeah. So again, oftentimes also, I, you know, [00:34:00] Luis does it.

I've got it. Yes. You know Mitch has got it right. Even Angus. Right. I think you're the only, why don't you do everything backwards? Sean? , fuck. You know why? It's because I'm anybody else. I'm old school. Holy, are you? This is the shit that I came up with. I re, I remember. Fucking monitor is as big as his desk know.

Right. You know what mean? It's so true. And it was only 14 inches . Yeah. In this big clunking ass keyboard. You know what I mean? Mm-hmm. , like that's kind of the stuff. So all everything, every upgrade that I've done in my life has been miles ahead of what was before. Well, okay. You, you, you're sold down, you're sold down on, on the wrist report thing, right?

I will. So, you know what, we'll, we'll start you up on the, on the extended keyboard. On extended keyboard, but it makes a huge difference because it spreads out everything. It gives you a number keypad, right? Huge difference. Sounds silly because again, then you're not reaching constantly for your um, uh, the keyboard on your laptop.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah, because now it's further away. There is a physical Yes, I am. Definitely. Exactly. And you're reaching for it now. You don't have to. Yeah. So I mean, these are just some of the [00:35:00] basic things, um mm-hmm. for that setup, right? Yeah. But I mean, again, let's just go without saying Okay. Yeah. The extra parts.

Right. Um, for creating the right environment. Mm-hmm. right. lighting is so important. Big people don't realize that big time. Right. It's just lighting. It kinda recreates, changes the whole space dramatically, right? Mm-hmm. , obviously, if you can, and if you're open for it, natural light is best. Awesome. We have so much natural light in here.

Yeah. You guys are pretty lucky. Absolutely. Love that. Yeah. You don't really get that so much. Not as much as you guys do. Yeah. But again, I ended up pulling back, so I'm looking out there, seeing the natural. You have a window on this? I do. I do have the window in there if I see it right? Yes. Um, but no, you know, poor lighting, you know, especially poor natural lighting in your it.

A hundred percent makes creativity struggle. Totally. Okay. It causes headaches, it causes burnouts, it causes afternoon slumps. Yeah. So if possible, right? You want to try to have as much natural light unless you're a vampire and you like it dark. Which you know, fair enough. Our old programmer used to do that.

He loved the dark and Jamie used to be in his cave. He wanted it [00:36:00] to look like the fucking back cave . Okay. And good for him. Right? And black screen and all like, like you would walk by back and forth and all the lights would be off because he's black screen. There's nothing bra, you know, he was napping in there,

But you know, and again, the more natural light, like, I mean, there's benefits to it, right? Like the, if you have lots of natural light, it improves your, your circadian rhythm, right? Yeah. Because then your body naturally knows when it's day, daytime versus nighttime. It helps you sleep better. Yeah, absolutely does.

Makes you more alert. It helps you, um, be more clear both mentally, right? Yeah. And physically, right? Like, like, Your, your eyes, you'll see clear with natural light, right? Yes. Let alone you'll think clear. Right. With natural light. Yeah. And you know it, believe it or not, it obviously it, it also helps with your color perception.

Mm-hmm. . So, you know, you guys, if you got all that natural light, just, you know, you guys are lucky back there we're. Yeah. If you have the opportunity to choose a room with light or go closer to a window, Take, do it. Take advantage of it. Right? Absolutely. Now, if you're in [00:37:00] a place where there isn't natural light, you can fake it.

Yep. Right. You can always get the UV lights, which believe it or not, are actually pretty good. Yeah. There actually are. Yeah. Stay away from that fluorescent shit. Yeah. Right. Ultimately. Right. Um, you know, consider like putting things like mirrors reflective services in, you know, near your workspace environment because again, that reflects, reflects the light.

Makes a big difference. Mm-hmm. , it kind of gives you that whole sense of, you know, um, a lit daylight type environment. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Floor lamps, of course, right. Task lighting, making sure the spots where you work are lit up is okay. Right? Mm-hmm. again, when I, when I was working in the basement, you know, I had my, my basement dungeon, whatever it was, right?

I had a really cool, it was neon lights. I, and, you know, it was dark, but I, I, I played up the dark. But you worked with it? Yes. I, I made it. I owned it that way. Right. Yeah. I made sure. And again, it was good. Um, Up lighting is huge as well. Right. Having lights down. The kind of light up. Okay. Because that gives the whole, um, vibe of natural light.

Mm. Okay. So there's ways to play with lighting to actually create that whole workspace that you go [00:38:00] to. Right? Yeah. Cool. Um, then, you know, ultimately when it comes to lighting, , you just want to try to avoid harsh shadows. Yeah. That's the key. Right? And by a harsh shadow is like you have a hard stop and here's where the light starts and everything else.

Cuz you know what? It's so distracting. Yes. People don't realize that. It's just like they've got this edge, something's wrong and you can't feel it. These harsh shadows. Yeah. You know, they play with your mind when it comes to creativity. So just avoid the harsh shadows more than anything else. Yeah, fair enough.

Um, and then we focus on color and texture. Yes. Okay. So now this. This sounds very, um, interior designee, but I mean, it's true. Welcome to Property Brothers . Yeah. Here we're the angry Property brothers. Angry Property Brothers. . So, you know, number one, choose a color scheme. Yeah. That works for you. Okay. Um, again, it don't worry about color psychology.

Some places are like, oh, red's not good. Orange is not good. Black is not good. You know what, this is all. You know, like whatever colors are good for you, [00:39:00] creativity, that's what you want to, you know, play on. Yeah. Like, I mean, my office is all like seventies, you know, like oranges, yellows, reds. Yep. Burnts, right?

Yeah. I mean, I don't think anywhere, you know, that that's supposed to be creative colors, , but it works for me and it's, it's that, it's that vibe. Yes. That I need Yes. To kind of give me that whole atmosphere that I'm looking for, right? Yes, yes. Um, you know, so don't worry about like what everybody promotes as what is a creative color in Wsan.

It's, it's kind of whatever works for you. Yeah. Um, you know, so big things, you know, like incorporate different textures if you can. And what I mean by that is, you know, don't have everything like stark white, don't have like white desk, white legs, white, this white. Throw in some wood, throw in some glass, get some stone in there, maybe get an actual plant or something.

That looks like a plant, right? Yeah. Yeah. But again, the more textures you have, the more warmth, the more life that comes to your space. Right? Really, really important. Um, you know, I, I'd recommend if you can create a feature wall in your environment. Yes. You can create a feature wall, whether it's just by, You know, a big splash of [00:40:00] color.

It could be like, you know, you could put material on there. Like, uh, in, you know, I think in one of my places I actually took flooring. Um, yeah, like laminate flooring. Put that straight up on the wall. Yeah. Looks really fucking one really kick ass wall. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Um, again, that's what the whole feature wall is.

You know, you could put it. artwork on there, right? Mm-hmm. , you can get one giant thing. Like the person we talked to yesterday. Yes. A big feature anchor on the wall. I want that so bad. I know, right? It was so kick ass and um, you know, but again, it's just something that anchors the whole group. Yes. Right? And that's the importance.

Not too, do not do two walls. No, it's too much. Yeah. One, one kick ass feature wall. Right. And, uh, one, or if you're like Michael Jana, you do a hundred thousand . Yeah. Right. You never, you don't, you don't any nothing in the middle . Oh, yeah. Right. You know what, you know what else's like that. Um, James Martin is like that.

So, okay. Moving on from the feature wall, right? Yeah, yeah. Like again, you, you, you can put like artwork on the wall, you know skateboards. Yeah. You know, pictures, posters, whatever. Yeah. James Martin, the designer, right. [00:41:00] Highly recommend everybody to check out his stuff. He's fucking amazing. his place again.

You know, you look at it and he's like, got this collage wall. It looks like all four walls have got everything. Like every square inch is like picture skateboard, another picture sticker. Wow. You know, guitar like, it's just, the dude has got so much stuff. It is amazing. Right. And I, and I'm pretty sure he works in his office and his houses as well.

Yeah. Looks like it. Anyway, his. But again, you wanna talk about like going like absolutely nuts. This dude's is totally full tilled. Wow. I love the way it looks. Interesting. Yeah. I'm gonna, I'm gonna reach out to the dude and just be, would dude love to talk to you? I just, I just wanna see. Yeah. Show me your walls.

Just show me the walls. You know. Take me for a tour of your walls. He's good. I, you know, I thought I saw it, but then I was looking for it. I couldn't find it anymore. Right. But, um, yeah, the dude does a really good job at that. Yeah. So, again, you know, that works for him. It works for him. Yeah. So, feature wall, Anchor it in one way of your room, whether it's by color or by cool stuff, but you don't own that wall.

Right, because it's a source of creative inspiration. Yeah. And [00:42:00] then, you know, Personalization. Okay. This is one of the most important parts. Personalization and inspiration. Okay? This is where the personality comes in. This is where your heart, your soul goes into here, right? Yeah. This is like, this is how you make it yours.

Yeah. Right? And I mean this is like, you know, again, this drives me nuts cuz all those insta pictures of all those nice clean environments and they have this nice glow aura behind the monitor. Whose fucking workspace is that? Nobody. Right. Not, and it's just like anybody can just pop one person in, put like, it's just horrible.

There's no personalization here. Exactly. Like you've got, this is your chance to get your tchotchkes on. Yes. You know? Yes, exactly. Go and get your, I mean, funky pops. Yes. You know, your, your nerd stuff, your Marvel stuff, your retro stuff. Yes. Anything that makes. happy. Yeah. Should be in, I view. Yeah. And that's kind of my whole mantra with this.

Right? Totally. If it makes you happy Yep. Put it there. Yes. Like, and again, people, they're too busy about, oh, you know, no, [00:43:00] it won't make me look cool or it won't make me look professional, dude. You know? I don't understand that. Yeah. Like, to me, you see a, a really interesting workspace. I can't remember. And, and this was not an interesting workspace, but it was an interesting workspace.

We, we got on a call with one of the tech, the IT dudes. Yep. For our major client when we were signing up on our computers. Oh, right. Do you remember his work? That was fucked up. He had like a, he had like a all kinds of expensive guitars and drums and, and pianos and things like this. Like, it just looked like a, looked like a yard sale for All right.

But I remember it and I was just like, That's incredible. Right. And again, it's a space that he likes to return to. He enjoyed it. Exactly, exactly right. That was his office. Whatever makes you happy. Yes. And energizes you, you put in that space. That's right. Okay. So to have nothing, just a a, a keyboard. Yeah.

And a monitor and a mouse and some nice, [00:44:00] you know, uh, lighting. Yeah. No, no, no. Who you trying to be? Sterile as nobody works. Exactly right. Sterile. That's actually really good. But it is, it's just like, dude, if you look at mine, I've got, I've got little Lego characters. Yes. I've got a Steve Wasniak business card, metal business card.

Oh wow. Right. I've got pictures of my kids. I have got like, I think I have like nunchucks hiding back there in case I'm like, ninjas come in and break in and shit. Lock fun pops. Right. Bule pops everywhere. Like again, it. This is why this space makes I come back to it cuz it's my comfortable space. It's, it's what you've developed over the years and this is where you feel, and and this is where the creativity exists.

Exactly. Yes. Even I can honestly say on sometimes on the weekends, right? Like if I just need a break. If I need five minutes Right. Put me in here. I will like, stop in here in between running errands. Mm-hmm. , you know, have a glass. Yep. Sit down and just chill. Yeah. And just, and it's just, it really, it becomes my center.

Like, it, it just kind of brings me back. So, um, [00:45:00] again, and it's the personalization that makes it, dude. Yeah. Our place has got fucking skateboards in the wall. We've got cool pictures at the back. Yep. You know, we've got old signs on the front. Right. Yeah. I wish you could do more. I've gotta figure, but I don't want it to get too gaudy looking, but still it's cool.

Right? . And then last, but not. Sound. Yep. Okay. Sound is what creates, is the final, final, you know, the cherry on top for the, the creative atmosphere. Yes. Okay. So we talked about the importance of ambiance and, and how music plays on that, right? Yep. So now there is so much, so much, so many studies on sound, right?

Mm-hmm. , but it shows that, you know, you are your creative best in the presence of moderate. Ambient sounds. Hmm. Okay. That's when your creativity is peaked. Well, it can be white noise or it can be music, but the idea here is the area of the brain that's responsible for generating higher creativity is also responsible for processing information.

Okay, so if you have a high level of noise or, or music in the [00:46:00] background, right? Mm-hmm. , what happens is it, it takes away your brain trying to process something. It takes away, it takes it away. So you're just, it kind of like distracts that. So you can just focus on the creativity because it's the same part of the brain that does both parts.

So while the sound is preoccupying one half of your brain, The other half can be focused on creativity. Oh, so you can do both. See, that's the difference, right? That's why I never believed it, you know, and I, I used to have arguments with people. They would listen to news while they work. I'm like, dude, you can't do that.

No, can't do that. You know, I've tried listening to a podcast and it fucks with you. It's hard, right? It's hard because again, you're now trying to focus on two different, and it's the same part of the brain that does both. So when you have that ambience sound, the music going in the background, it occupies one half of your brain.

So the. Actually works crazy, right? And this study, this is science. Okay. Science bitch. Yes. So, um, you know, music affects reinforcement learning, right? And can improve mood, memory, productivity. Okay? This is study by Gold Frank. [00:47:00] Bogart and Ratko. Ooh. Right. And I mean, again, those four names, right? Yeah. That's, but again, these guys that , um, you know, they've also said that, um, you know, the music playing upbeat music can improve processing speed and memory.

Boom. Dude, my drum and bass, right? That's, it's so true. Totally. Totally. When, when I had to get shit done and something crazy has happened. Yeah. I closed my door. I cranked drum and bass. Oh, you're. I don't know what happens. I don't know what happens, but it's like a, just this F1 car with creativity, baby. Oh dude.

Like, it's crazy. It's so absolute. And I believe that, right? Yeah, totally. And another one, obviously another study from 2012 proves that, you know, um, music, positive music is an effective way to improve. Happiness. Huh? Okay. So, and again, if you don't want music, okay. If you don't, if you're like, you know what, no music's distracting.

Fine. It doesn't have to be. Yeah. You can put ambient sounds. It could be white noise. Yeah. Believe it or not, even just, you know, you go on YouTube and they have like, [00:48:00] Music in another room. They have a party in another room, and it's like muffled music. Like as though as though it's like in the apartment next to you, right?

You can get coffee shop soundtracks, right? Where it's just a coffee shop all day noise, dude. And believe it or not, that's stuff, you know, the, the, the kind of sounds that comes outta sound machines. It's, it's phenomenal. And again, like I said, I would at home sometimes if I just didn't want music, I wouldn't go silent.

Yeah. Because I couldn't, I, I couldn't do it. Yeah. I would put on. Focus, drone noise, memory, whatever they call it, brain food or whatever, and it's just creepy as fuck. Right. And then with just these really weird pictures that just kind of, but it's just, it's just enough in the background that it stops me from going crazy.

Like at the fucking library. Yeah. Yes. Right? Yes. Just like it's so true. You know? Anything rainy days or babbling brook, but whatever. Just if you don't want music. Yeah. Just sound is important. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. , all these things put together, you know, help you create that ideal creative [00:49:00] atmosphere. Mm-hmm.

Right. And it builds that ambience that, that you need to create your space. And what'll happen is, you know, it's, it's not, you won't dread going to work. Yeah. You won't dread going to the office. You won't dread actually sitting down and getting shit done. Yeah. Because now you're in an environment. Feeds that.

Yes. And that's why I can't stress this enough. Yeah. How important, you know, a workspace, getting the right workspace for a graphic designer is big time. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Cuz if you're not comfortable, you're not gonna be up doing your best work. Absolutely. You know what I mean? Like this is, this is, this is the truth basically.

So true dude. And that is fascinating about music. It's like, cause I remember reading articles with David Carson and he was like, first thing he does, straps on the headphones, puts on some tunes, and then, This, and we've all seen the work that he's created. I mean, absolutely. So there's , there's a, there might have been other inspiration there too, you know, little, you know, medicinal, but who knows?

California boy. Yep, for sure. But however, but it's [00:50:00] true though, right? The importance of Of music. Yeah, that's, it drives it all right. It equal hand in hand with creativity. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And you're right, and I always subscribe to the kind of theory that you had with it depends on the work that you're doing.

you know, if you're in, in, in it deep and you need to get it done. Yep, yep. Upbeat, super, something right? Medium DM or, or whatever. Right. That always works. It's funny when you, you tell me you listen to edm. I don't. You just I do, I do. I will put on the Chemical Brothers when, when the crunch is on and I'm, it's fucking amazing.

Right? I'm gone. Yeah. cool. Yes. Well, you know what? This felt a little vain talking about this today, but I think it's, it's an important topic. Yeah. That people just need to. just like everything else. Yeah. Be self-aware of, right. Alright. There's more to creating an environment. Don't just pull up to your desk.

Mm-hmm. and sit down and work. Create an environment that is inviting that makes you want to return to Yes. Right. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. And, and it's all about [00:51:00] finding, you know, it's, it's experimenting too, I think. Like, I'm gonna, I'm gonna try a keyboard, I think. Yeah. Well dude, we got extra ones.

We'll take this week For sure. This is great. Highly recommend this. I'll, I'll give that a whirl, see if I can. Switch up my, sit back a little bit. Crew. Sometimes I find myself when like I'm, I know you're hunched over over and it's, we'll get you standing soon enough. Dude, , I, you know what? I think I've done it maybe an hour since I've been here.

An hour. Yeah, I know. I think he's even pushing it at that six years. Yeah. It was just let, it was just like down. I go, I, I . It's too uncomfortable. I don't know how you, how do you, how. Get that. Like your back sore. I can't. I sit now, my back is sore. Really? Yeah. I stand, I prefer to stand almost. Wow. Almost ex.

I, I will stand, you know, leave from standing here. I will go and then continue standing for the rest of the night. Right. Oh shit. Yeah. I ly sit out. . Um, me like lay down if I have to sit. Why lay down for bed? Of course, obviously sleep. Yeah. Yeah. But um, yeah, I think if I had to, I think maybe I sit, uh, if I had to honestly say [00:52:00] maybe two hours a day at most , at least at most, I know.

Cuz even after here, if I go, you know, my dad's for cough with my brothers. Wow. Well stand. They're like, here, have a seat. I'm like, no, no, I'll stand. Oh, weird. I know. I've somehow gotten to some sort of weird, it's cool. Good for you. Like our conversation yesterday. three or almost three hours. Yeah. Of standing.

I was just like, oh my God. Poor shot. I couldn't wait to, and I'm like, I'm ready to go. Yeah, you were. You were. You were fine. You were just like, yeah. And I'm just like, oh, my back . Well, the conversation did help. It was, I must admit, and that was a great. Yeah, that was a, a good interview. Oh. With an awesome person.

And, um, so I, I guess we might as well let you guys know that, um, we had the opportunity to interview Alan Peters Oh, yesterday. Okay. And I'm talking from Peter's design, if you don't know who that is. Oh my God. Okay. Get on Instagram, go on his website. We're talking. This guy is the master when it comes to badges, when it comes to white space.

Yeah. I mean, what this guy creates. owns brands mm-hmm. and takes it to another level, the sh the [00:53:00] ideas that just come to out of this fucking world. Yep. And we had, you know, not one, not a two hour, but almost a three hour conversation with him. Conversation again, we'll trim it down to two episodes for you guys, , and we'll trim out the best parts.

But we talked about everything from like, life to his perspective on design to some highs and lows. Yeah. And again, you know, these are celebrity designers, these are people up there like, you know, with, with, with the people that we love and follow and, and kind of. See what they're doing on Instagram on a daily basis.

Yep. And it's just like, they're so human. Yeah. You know what I mean? We're talking about everything from like, you know, when he started his schooling all the way through. Yep. Man. Some of the crazy shit he went through in life. And again, you know, uh, next to Michael Jana, the second nicest guy in the whole industry.

Exactly right. He was so nice after he was so wonderful. Yes. Which is it just again, a great human being. It was. And, and how many guys are you? Nabbed for three hours almost. And he was fine. Yeah. I, I think we probably had to pull away from, right, right. I mean, and again, I was just like, [00:54:00] dude, anytime you want to talk, let me know.

But this is the thing is he. Was totally open for a part three. I know. I think, which was right. But yeah, you're right. The second nicest guy in the world. He was just such a lovely, lovely man. Seriously. Yes. So again, you know, we, um, this is what we're launching next week, so we are gonna part one of. Two parts of, uh, I guess our conversation with Alan Peters.

Yeah. And, uh, so please come back for that one. Yes. Share it with your friends. Yes. Because it's gonna be a popular one. It's gonna be an awesome one. I think so. Right. Certainly. But, um, yeah. And, um, I think that's it. So, you know, wait, wait. What? What? What the hell are you wearing? Oh, do you like that? See that you guys are on YouTube.

Look at that. That was a nice plug. Thank you. Oh, that was smooth. That that smooth. Wow. . So our, the very first, you know, we'll be, yeah, it'll be kind of like, you know, the, the Society of Angry Designers Swag officially has been printed. Whoa. So we have our test shirts out. This is what it looks like. [00:55:00] It's white and.

Copper because we like whiskey . We did a small batch of t-shirts to test out to see what people are liking, what they're digging, what they're not. Um, you know, we've already got some that we've promised to a few people that we're sending out. For sure. We know who the very first person is and, um, and he keeps reminding me about it.

So get it to you. Relax, but I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. He's been listening to us right from the start and I promise, I'm like, dude, you're gonna be the first one. Hook that brother. But in all fairness, these are the first batches. We've got a combination of, you know, two different kinds of t-shirts that we're experimenting with.

Yeah. So these first ones are gonna be, you know, bargain price. Get them, let's try 'em, give 'em some feedback. They're nice shirts. Just cover our cost and, um, and, and let me know. Just feedback is kind of what it is. Yeah. So, um, stay tuned for that. You know, reach out if you want something sooner or on Instagram, but yeah.

Um, you know, the idea here, You know, it's all inclusive. The society, angry designer. We've got our bat, we've got a heraldry revenge. Yeah. Yeah. You've always wanted to be part of a [00:56:00] society. Oh, I know. Right Now we can. Right? No, we can be, and we'll start with this, and now we're experimenting with hats, so it's all rolling.

It just took a little while to do this, so, so it's, yeah. It, it is a difficult process. Yeah. Doing stuff for yourself. Yeah. You know. You get, you get into that kind of Hmm. You know, is this good? Is it It is. I know, I know, I know. It's, yeah. It's hard. It's tough. It is tough. It's tough, you know, and again, we're our worst kid is looks.

Thanks, man. I think it looks pretty damn cool too. You looked good wearing it as well. I did. I wore it on the, our, our special occasion yesterday. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You did that with Mr. Peters? Yes. And yeah. Cool. All right. Well, with that being said, okay, check us out on Instagram, you know, hit us up on YouTube, um, and, you know, leave us a message on our website and, and, and what have you.

And, and please by all means, like, leave us a review on the podcast cuz that's how we actually get better rankings. Mm-hmm. , but even more importantly than I Oh, what? Share us, share us with a friend. Yeah. You know, and spread that, damn, spread the good word of the [00:57:00] angry designers. That's right. Because, uh, I think.

That's how we're gonna grow. And I want to keep going with this. This is fun. And you know, we've had some amazing people reach out, had somebody say, you know, they got a great job. And you know, somebody else said, because, you know, we helped them get over this. We helped them with that. We helped them give 'em books and, and give 'em direction.

And this, and dude, I can't. I just, I love this stuff. This is the kind of stuff fascinating and lovely. It's just wonderful to hear that kind of stuff that, you know. Yeah. What you're doing is just like, oh, man, people are listening to this and it's working. Yes, yes. And it's like, yes, this is great. I wish this kind of stuff existed 30 years ago.

I know, I know. I don't know. We had to kind of go find all this the hard way, but it's okay if we can make somebody else's life a little easier. And it sounds like we've made a few people's lives. Absolutely. Totally. So, uh, can't wait. Can't wait for everybody. Yes. Yeah. All right. Yes. With that being said, My name's Mossy Mo.

My name is Sean. Stay creative and stay angry. Peace. I was acm SMR up there, . [00:58:00] Ooh. Well that was good shit. Me still win it.

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