The Angry Designer
Jun. 28, 2022

Graphic Design Associations: Help or Hype?

Graphic design associations - are they helpful, or just full of hype?

For some industries, associations play a pretty important role in solving problems, setting standards, and improving conditions within that industry. But do we REALLY need them in the graphic design world?

In this podcast episode of The Angry Designer, the bearded brutes take a no holds barred look at graphic design industry associations, why they exist, who they ACTUALLY serve, and whether or not they really are just a bunch of bull! This episode covers:
- The role of industry associations
- Reasons why people join associations
- Same benefits, no membership needed
and so much more!

If you ever thought about joining a graphic design industry association, listen to this episode FIRST.  Buckle up fellow designers, this one is an ANGRY episode.