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Jan. 18, 2022

Graphic Design Movies & Documentaries for Designers

Sometimes a great flick with the right amount of story, music, and pop culture is all you need for inspiration. 

The only problem is that there's such a huge amount of content to stream (much of it a snor) that the best stuff can get lost in the mix. 

Join the Angry Designers as they share a top 10+ list of Graphic Design Movies & Documentaries for Designers & Creative entrepreneurs to find their inspiration for creativity, motivation to get sh#t done or determination to succeed!

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Hops are after him. They're like, we're going to he's amend is because, I mean, to them, it's still a crime being committed. Right. And here's this like global artists. It's all you just have to. 

That is so. 

It's so crazy. My God, it really is. It's like insane. Like you have to think of, 

Yeah, it's illegal. 

You're listening to the angry designer where we cut through the industry down frustrated graphic designers survive and thrive. 

2022 b*****s, 

20 20, 22. I know what a s****y way to start here. Of course, for everybody to know 22, I'd like to say welcome back, but what we're welcome back to another lockdown, right? Literally like another COVID. 

S**t. God damn. 

I can't even say for sure. It was great Christmas. It was relaxing because you couldn't do anything. He has a holy cow. Everybody seems to have gotten, the video this time, the video everybody's got the bids. Got the, 

You got the bid. 

Well, it almost makes it sound cool. We should stay away from that. Altogether is not cool. It is not holy, but like literally we get back half the staff is working from home, which is totally cool. Yep. That's the benefit of what we do for a living. We can work from home. Yes. It's just like, the mood is somber and it's like, what did you do? New? Year's nothing. What'd you do for Christmas? No thing. I think, you know, the big talk was like, who do you know that got the big, 

Yeah, this is true. It's funny because there's a lot of people that I know that I don't associate with. Haven't been, I've been around are like that. A lot of people that I had, it was kind of scared. So it's super duper contagious, this. 

Yeah. Like nuts. Right. This is what, those just kind of rolls over. I mean, if there is a silver lining in any of this, right. I don't think I've ever been so breasted, like during the holidays I had never, honestly. That's great. 

Yeah. I know. Like literally it was a lot of watching. 

T V all right. Catching up. I binge-watched okay. So I b***h, I binge-watched arcane. Did you see that? No. Do you have to see this the most? 

Wow. I did see the trailer. It. 

Looks f*****g some of the most incredible animation I've ever seen. Period. Yes. Right? Totally. It's just, it's just like that. The, into the spider-verse, like that s**t was killer. Like it's just like, they really ride Kames amped up this movie, the animation, the story was phenomenal. Like I watched the first one, then I had to watch the second one and they made it really easy to hit next at the end of it to go wash that third one. 

That one based on a video game, is that. 

The kind of, it's kind of Lucy, the characters, the storyline. Right. I mean, it's like the video games, very different, a better game. If I'm not mistaken league of legends, more of an e-sport legend, right? Like it's giant dumb, the movie and I didn't know this, but that series has been in the works for like years, like eight, nine years. I, again, I could be wrong, but I was talking to somebody and they just said, it's just been, they've been waiting and waiting. In season two now apparently is going to come out in like a year and a half. But man, like, it was cool. 

I couldn't go out. Yeah. Well, this is what you gotta do. I mean, it's just kind of sit around with some hot chocolate, 

Chocolate. Yes. Cheers to that. Here's to our dry January. 

Yeah. Combine a lockdown with no booze. 

Like I know this is what we come back to. Why did we agree to. 

This? Yeah. This is going to be, this is going to be tough. This was what I was worried about. The, 

Even the health clubs are closed down. You can even go and get some. 

Stress there. 

Oh my God, what a joke. But it is a challenge. Being home and again, this felt like I was home forever because for the first time, in a long time I did nothing. Yeah. And it's hard. What you don't want to do is all of a sudden kind of inadvertently put yourself into like a slump, what I mean? And get out of the guests. Right. Which is tricky. So, it's like things to do to keep that inspiration. Some people read, 

Please go ahead. No, I was just going to say, and as a precursor to this podcast, I should have been doing more because I kind of came back and was just like, the tin man oil on the joints in the mind, the kind of things it's like, woo. But it's good. Now you just, it takes a little while to get back into it. But yeah. There's certain things that we can do to kind of ease. 

Totally. Right. Some people like to read, some people will scope the internet. God knows I couldn't do that on during the holiday. I think that's why I feel refreshed as I, I disconnected almost entirely, but I don't want to lose inspiration and I wasn't allowed to go anywhere. I, sure enough, turn to TV and I know TV and honestly, and I caught up on a lot of really great arcane obviously is a cartoon and that is inspirational period. Just cause the animation, they upped the animation on that, which then is like, well, how can I up my game? Right. It's just like, I started going back. Well, wait, where just some of those awesome, design shows or inspirational, entrepreneurs, stories that I would love to hear. Right. That's where the idea of this podcast came from, right? Like this, because again, this whole podcast came on to, what shows, should, could graphic designers watch or, graphic freelancers, or even like solar preneurs or even entrepreneurs to keep them inspired to keep their creativity inspired. 

Right. Think that's where this list came from. This is a selfish list of course my top, which , 

It's funny because with that arcane thing, yeah. It's like, I never think to watch design stuff. Do you know what I mean? Which is weird, but it's like you said, you can watch something. That's interesting. And, but it's also creative and it's inspirational because there's in the whole vibe that had. 

Absolutely. I didn't put that on this list because this list no, only because, I mean, that's like, that's, that might be a, 

I actually really get why you think it works because I did, I watched it and it's very like the color scheme and everything like that is really interesting and it makes what I mean? Like. 

Well done, right? The color schemes in such, it looks awesome. I mean, I was trying to go and more of a, making a list of like the shows he could recommend for designers to watch. Right. This way, it's like, Hey, you want a cool documentary? You want a cool show? Get you inspired. Right. That's where this list came from. I did give this to you to approve. I think you gave it your blessing. Of course. 

Yeah. This is great, man. Like I, like I said, I wasted my son, my apologies. 

It could have been getting inspired like now. Okay, fair enough. It's not like I watched all of these through the break. I mean, there wasn't enough time, but over, I mean, obviously a lot of these I did watch and over the past year or two, I've touched on these as well. Right? Some of them are older, some of them are new, but I mean, this is basically my list. If I had to, offer list up of the design shows to find inspiration, whether you're a graphic designer, an interior designer, a designer, an entrepreneur, whatever. Right. Broken these down into two parts, right. Design shows directly that are design related and then ones that are more inspirational or indirect design. Right. Because there were more maybe personal interest to me. What I found was interesting about them inspirational. Right. Yep. Let's first talk about the design ones. 

Okay. All right. Obviously we've got some pretty obvious ones that I'm sure everybody's heard about. Right. Like, we've all heard of the documentary Helvetica. Yes. It's still really cool to watch, about how people inject Helvetica into like every part of their life. Like, I mean, if there was a font that represented New York, yes. It'd be held. Right. Again, it kind of goes back to that being that whole timeless thing, it never goes out of style. It's everywhere, right. From, when Masimo Binelli introduced it, with the subway, polishers, everywhere she used it. Right. Like there's so many places you can find that font. So it's a great documentary. Yeah. Problem is right now, it's hard to find online. 

What's funny because I have not seen this s**t really Haim shame me, people. I know because I can't find it. I, just kind of not good to steal. 

It's yeah. Well, we don't that screaming is not stealing, but find a place to stream it. I do. Yeah. I did find it on apple plus. Oh, sweet. I think 3 99. Okay. You can read that. Oh, that's an easy, and I'm sure you can find it somewhere else. Right? Some, some sites. Got it. Yeah. Now there's another one that's on YouTube. Right. Again, design-related this one's called art and copy. Okay. This one is literally about the advertising industry and how, creatives in the advertising industry find inspiration, how they deal with everything. This is kind of a cool documentary. Cause this one is basically, it really gets in deep about how creatives rule the advertising industry, but then marketing rules, the advertising industry, and then, account management was so all of these forces, like everybody battles all over their client. Right. I'm going to say creative in that space, but Don Draper, right? 

Like again, he was the king when he was the idea, man, he was right. So this one's good. It, and it really Chronicles, ho talks and shows a lot of the, big guys out in the industry, a lot of the famous creative directors. I think it's a good watch. It's not in my favorite one, but it's definitely worth watching if you're into, more than just graphic design. Yes. Right. Or just design per se, but more of the business of design. Yeah. That's why that one's hot. Right. Helps you on presentations helps you understand, the bigger pitch, the bigger idea. Right. So that, one's key for that. Interesting. So that one's art and copy. All right. Another one that I loved, which is design related, but not directly graphic design related per se was called Em's architect and the painter. It was about Charles Eames and his wife. 

Right. Their collaboration and how their whole journey from, basically idea people where they started, how they came together and then their shop and their shop is like that shop that every designer aspires to be. Right. It's like a frigging circus all the time in there. Right. It's like, you have fun, weird mirrors, actually. There's some pretty weird stuff over there. Right. He was a pretty extravagant guy, but the, I mean, even some people said, like they were interviewed saying, I have no idea what I just walked into. It's like, it's not even real. It's not even like work. And it's true. Right. I mean, we kind of try that kind of environment here, but we're still a lot more business, but yeah. Again, arts, we have music blaring, right. We have Nerf gun fights occasionally, however we're due for a good one, ? So, I think most agencies aspired to do that because you need that creativity to kind of keep it going. 

If there was anybody, I could say that embodied that honestly he did. Again, the beautiful thing about this show is it really goes into deep, really deep about his opinions, his beliefs, about the importance of the end user. Right. Again, his mission was to build the ultimate chair for a person. Right. Again, it wasn't just like, oh, approximately this much for the bot this much for the bag. It should be about this high. No, no. He measured out the perfect degree for comfort. Right? The perfect degree, the height that you should be right is chair. Isn't a one size fits all. It comes in, under six feet and over six feet option. Right. Again, I've got one of these chairs and it is, I love it. I it's like, it's beautiful. It's art, everybody would recognize the chair. Right. And, sadly, it's like, you're scared to sit in there because it was so beautiful. 

Damn, when you do spend the whole, I know. I highly recommend Em's the architecture and the painter, 

'cause he wasn't an architect. 

What, I guess he was a designer. He was an overrun. I think what they're talking about is how we architected the entire plan. The bigger picture can I believe? Yeah. There was that component to his think. 

Hot for like, he was a failed art architect or something like that. Something like his wife never painted or anything like that. What, but it was just this kind of bizarre like, 

Well, it was definitely a bizarre situation and it's definitely worth without doing any spoilers. Yeah. Definitely worth watching, but I'm brilliant, man. Nonetheless, because again, I think he really did champion that whole, the end user experience and you need to design for the end user. There is a scene there where it's just like, he has somebody and he's has this person sitting and they are measuring every vertebrae, the angle this, and you can just see the profile of it. It's phenomenal. Yeah. It's just really cool to see like the passion behind something. Right. So lots of credit there. That's cool. Of course, for any of our Canadians out there is a documentary that I think we took the team a few years back to when it released it's called design. Canada's great documentary talk had a lot of, the iconic logos, right. Like CN tower. 

Right. I think overall didn't, we just kind of dissect it to how they came up with the damn flag. Like, is this kind of in the end? Would it, that was great. Kind of what the whole thing was couched on that. It was a whole big crescendo just to get to that. Yeah. It was fun. It was a really cool document. I mean, I don't regret not seeing it, not quite as heavy as the look is we've got some great logo designers up here. Yes we do. I mean, our history is fantastic as well. Nobody, none of the big names, of course, like Rand, or it's help us of course, but it was just legendary, but I mean, there's so much up here and for anybody who's Canadian, highly recommended and what, for anybody period, yes. The website is fricking awesome. You just got to check out the website. 

The design Canada website, advertising this documentary, it's just that piece of art. It is right. It's, it's highly designed centric. Those are some of the more obvious ones, that I would go to and I would recommend to anybody. Yeah. But of course everybody has heard. And honestly this series makes me excited. It really does. I feel bad cause I feel like I'm just jumping on this trend, but the whole Netflix abstract, the art of design series. Right. It's in two seasons now. Right. It's in season two. 

Awesome. That's great. It's really good. Right. Again, like I said, I wasted my entire vacation. I should've been watching that because I did watch one on the, he was a, an illustrator for the new Yorker. Did you watch? Absolutely. Absolutely. It is interesting. It was interesting. It wasn't designed per se. 

Well again, because it's art, right? There's the art more so, right. 

Yeah. But his thought process is drawing. It's. 

Brilliant. This, it really gets in deep. Like, I mean, they've got some awesome people on there, right? Like Paula sure. Like she's on there's a whole episode on just her. She talks about graphic design, probably one of the best polisher, documentaries or interviews or everything. Right. Cause it really focuses it that makes her look like a star more than anything else I've watched. Right. Right. There's this one I watched over the holidays and the guy's name is Jonathan Hoffler. Hoffler, I think. Yeah. Typeface designer, which again, right. Is cool. As a graphic designer, you can appreciate this. The whole show was awesome because it talks about him. Right. Then he gets a commission, right. To create a typeface. Right. The process he goes from creating, and it's not like you just sit down and you sit your ass down and you start dying doing it. 

Right. Yeah. Like he has months and months to create this typeface. I believe it had to do with watches or time some way. He would go to all these antique shops and look at old watches, look at old clocks. He would like look at the dials on them and just, like he would like sit there and like zoom in and underneath the microscope to look at the detail on the letters, that type there's these fonts that haven't existed for, decades. He's going in and bringing them all back and talking about them. Dude, I have never gotten so excited over like bonds listening to this dude and you feel it, right? Like you see his passion. That's what he does. Yeah. Again, this is his job and his process to go through. This is just, it's like, you're all in on this one. 

That's the best part of it. It's like, you're looking, you're watching some guy being inspired and you, and he's inspiring you all here, dude. What's going down and it's like, and that's like some seriously cool s**t. 

Like honestly. 

It's amazing dive in, you know? It's like, I get, sometimes you just think w timelines and things like that. You don't have time to kind of dig into things like this and that kind of research. You know what I mean? Which, 

Yeah, that's the whole thing. Maybe we just do it. We just don't get the chance to yes. And I'm guilty of that. A lot of times it feels like you're just going from job to job, but you're not giving your chance to go. I mean, again, envy this guy, because again, he's got like months to complete this project and not only that, there's budget there and he's passionate about it. So you know that one totally. I got totally pumped on another one that blew me away. I know you saw this one, the one about tinker Hatfield is a footwear designer for Nike, right. This is he's the grandfather, he's the godfather of sh he literally made the running shoe. What it is. Yes. Right. Prior to him getting involved in this, like a shoe was just, it was. 

Yes. And it was not a good thing. I believe his coach or his mentor, bill Bowers, mint. I think that's what it was. He was designing shoes, designing and air quoting that. Cause he, you either, the guy said you'd either it would be fine. Or you blow your knee. Right. Like it was horrible. Right. Cause he was just kind of throwing s**t together. 

I believe his early prototype, he cut out a tire, treading, stuck into a shoe. Like that's how, but I mean, again, it was just, it was incredible that this is the s**t people that, and they brought him along and the whole documentary is about his climb within the company, within Nike of all people, how he worked with the bill and then how it took it to the next level and then the next level. How we got up to Jordan level. Yes. The challenges in creating the first Michael Jordan. Like again, it was fan Tacitus and the dude is cool as f**k. 

Right. And he's like the hippest granddad ever. 

And he's older. You see him on his long board, he's got Volkswagen and boss, 

Did you see his office? Oh my God are those Westfalia camper van. 

It was in his little office within his bigger studio. That's where he took his nap. 

Is that probably, yeah. It was just like, and was like just music gear all over the place he's played in the Oregon, 

Honestly like Dubin, you know, cruel. I've seen a lot of really cool designers. Yeah. I think he talks to them. I think he was, he. 

Was pretty like. 

Pretty hip. He embodies everything that I think every designer aspires to be a lifestyle wise. Right. 

Exactly. Just, just cool. I think for him, like the vibe I got, it's like, you have to go out and do things like that for, to be inspired. You know what I mean? Like I think that he takes his inspiration from his life, which is really cool. That's kind of the, this is, because of our time constraints and things like that. I know you and I have talked about this, you get this, you're standing in a home Depot and you're like, oh, Hey, what I mean? Like, these are the kinds of things that your inspiration comes from purely true because you're not making, you're not working for. To me, he was like the embodiment of that I'm living my life and I kind of stuff's coming together. 

It was to serve, to get his inspiration. He longboards, he plays like, he's just, again, it's a little different vibe. It's again, it's what I think what we all aspire to be. Totally. You know, you envision what a designer. I think that dude is pretty much, pretty damn cool. I mean, I've talked to our followers, I've talked to a lot of our angry designers. I think, everybody seems to, have their job, have their way of doing things, but I think everybody can relate to what this dude encapsulates. Right. Honestly, I think out of all the design shows that are on TV and even better than the ones I spoke about, I think Netflix is abstract. Yeah. Has really got a good hole and a good hold on it. Again, it just, it's a cross section of so many designers, which is what makes that show damn. 

Yes. Right. Again, it's interior designers. There was an architect in there. There's a product designer, industrial designer, like, yeah. It's like, and the funny thing is you can see how we all are alike, even though our disciplines are so different. 

So it makes it so cool. Exactly. Like the whole chair in the shoe we talked about before. Right. It's not design per se, but it is designed, right? Like, like they're trying to figure out a way to put all the guts, the electronic stuff into the back to the future. 

Oh my God. Right. That's amazing. Brilliant solving a problem, 

Which is what, which is what they're doing. And it's like, oh, that's so cool. That's cool. 

Yeah. That's the obvious design inspiration shows that I think I would recommend my top faves anyway. Okay. Now other design shows that I would recommend any graphic designer to watch. Okay. And, and especially if you're like a solopreneur or an entrepreneurial, you have a small studio, big studio or whatever. Right. This is other ones that have kind of turned me into who I am. I think it's everything that we embody here. It has really helped to kind of create this whole vibe that we have going. Right. So these are other ones. Number one, I have, I'm a total fan of, graffiti and street art or Bernard. Right. Of course with that goes Banksy, right? Anything street art, anything could redo wise. Now there's older ones. There's some fantastic ones from the seventies. You got to be really hardcore to appreciate those. Everybody can appreciate the Banksy ones that are out there right now. 

So two in general, right. Banksy and the rise of outlaw arts. That one is cool because it gives Chronicles bank sees life, how he started, in England, how it kept on growing. It also pulled in other artists from north America, from Europe, right. It shows that whole movement and how it all starts coming together. The thing is, the art forms in here are incredible. The illustrations here, I swear, I see on our Instagram feed all the time, everybody's boring from this kind of urban street style. Yes. 

It's hot right now. It's hip now. Yeah. So. 

I highly recommend, okay. Banksy and the rise of the outlaw art first net's available on prime, I believe. Banksy does New York, which is amazing because now he's, well-known, he's a celebrity. He's like, he's like this superstar, this global superstar. He decides to come to New York and he's like, for 30 days, I'm going to do it a new piece of art somewhere every day for 30 days. And like just the chaos, right? Number one, people are tearing down walls to keep the peace of banks that's on there, which is insane. Cops are after him. They're like, we're going to, he's a man is because to them, it's still a crime being committed. Right. Here's this like global artists, it's all you just have to. That is so it's so crazy. It really is. It's like insane. Like you have to think. 

Yeah. Because it's illegal to provide a tag stuff. Yeah. This guy, his paintings are, his creations are worth millions of dollars. He's people are literally tearing. 

Walls down. That, and it happens and you see it in here and they're like, you see people scrapping it out for pieces of a wall over a picture. Yeah. Yeah. That, one's pretty cool, actually. Awesome. So highly recommend. Again, there's other ones, but you can always start with those two, whether you're a fan of graffiti street, art or not, right. Those ones are awesome. These ones are more kitschy. Nerd type shows that I love documentaries. Again, it's part of that whole scene and the vibe. I think everybody can appreciate it. One's called high score. This one's on Netflix. This one's a documentary about literally the golden ages of video games. Right. Like where it all started and how it actually grew from, like Pac-Man and pong to now doom and all the e-sports that are going on. Right. It's crazy because every one of these programmers have these problems they're solving. 

Right. So think about this. Right. Right now it's like, we're limitless to what we can do. This is true. But the original Mario game. Okay. The original, super Mario game was 35 kilobytes. Okay. That's not even an email. An email is like, what? Sorry, two emails, 12 gigabytes, like 35. I don't even think that there's a don't I'm not even sure of a word file is thirty-five kilobytes anymore. Like it's so small. Wow. Back then they had to do, and it talks about like how they came up with these ideas that talks about, the challenges they had to overcome. We're the first video game even came from and the idea, and it was just, it was f*****g cool, man. Right. Then, and this one's broken down into a couple, but it's neat. Cause you see like, who comes back into the scene and where they started, where Atari came in, it blew you away to find out how Ms. 

Pac-Man even came about. Also again, I don't want to do any spoiler alert, but although Pac-Man and species were insane, it's what came thereafter and how they got there, which was f*****g phenomenal. Right? Like honestly, this one was hilarious. If you can appreciate retro video games and just the climate, how they got their damn. 

Dude, I see that all time. And it's like, amazing. I I'm thinking I'm not a gamer, but if it's an old school games, then I'm totally down with that. Cause that's, 

That's really cool. That one is amazing. I highly recommend it. It's just, it's a feel good flick. Yeah. But another good feel good. One is it the toys that made us this one is also one. This one is, again, it's basically a whole documentary on just like the classic retro toys that we grew up with. The He-Man the GI, Joe's the Barbies, the hot wheels. Right. Every episode is one toy and the struggles that it came with, how it came to market and what blows me, his ways is just, we take it for granted toys and how they come to be, but there's so much political stuff behind there. Many of them are just driven by news events and what's going on and how it's going on. And, and the controversy over certain characters like GI Joe Barbie. He'd been like He-Man and his whole muscle physique and just the battle of, women in the it's just, it's so crazy. 

Right? Like, cause it battles with so much from stereotypes to styles, to news and politics, dude, that one is hilarious. 

That's you know, it's funny. Cause I've I watched the star wars one. Amazing. That one was so good, wasn't it? Right. Because it was just like, it was so a wing and a prayer kind of fake, like absolute. They have no idea. They have no frame of reference. No s**t, man. This is the granddaddy of all the, of the toy marketing. Absolutely. Right. The one guy he didn't have any, he didn't have something for the job was little, the little guys used to sock. I know. 

Right. I think again, it's being creative with what you have. Great. That's inspirational to hear that you're cheering. You're like. 


It's s**t like that nuggets of inspiration that you find throughout. Oh, it's incredible. That one I recommend again, even if you don't like toy, no, you have to like having to talk to everybody and if you don't watch it. If you remember playing with toys, when you're a kid, watch this show, this is amazing. So those ones are really fun. Those two have the same kind of vibe, the same kind of energy, right? Yeah. We get into some of this, craziest stuff like this went fresh dressed. Okay. And this one's on prime. I think it's free with ads as long as you're willing to watch the occasional commercial through it. This is a documentary that Chronicles hip hop, urban fashion and how it affected the people, like how it was all about creativity and being an individual. How it went from street from people just painting their own clothes and jackets to show their own individual to then like the catwalk, to being high society, high that to then all of a sudden getting to the retail market like this, one's got like Kanye west is in like all these huge, like there's all these huge names in here. 

Right. Again, whether you like hip hop or not, it's not so much about just that music scene, but it's that whole larger culture. Right. Right. Of like, again, kind of going back to the graffiti, the whole street art, the whole, like how Run-DMC kind of plays into that. Right. The effect that they had on Adidas and like it's just, it's all. So I don't know. It's also intertwined. Right? Yeah. Again, it's just really cool s**t to watch. 

Well, it totally makes sense. I mean, wrap was such a huge thing back in the day. Like why wouldn't everything else embody that absolutely. 

Absolutely. And I think that's important. Cause I mean, as designers, we need to be aware of culture. We need to be aware of trends, right. Not just the short term trends of today, but what trends evolve into, because what this shows is just how it's evolved into now, everyday life that we know like 50 years later and it's still going strong. That's not a trend anymore. It's not. Yes. That's what we need to be aware of. That's why it's like watching a show like this kind of really lets the difference between jumping on a fad. Right. Finding out how to take that fat and making it mainstream, making it an unfair, I don't even know what's the opposite of. 

A cultural shift basically. You're right. Which really like, and you could argue that too with grunge music was kind of the same idea. Right. Cause it that was all your dad's lumberjacks, very Oregon Pacific Northwest in the U S up to the catwalk, like the European, all the designers and stuff like that had all the grunge stuff. 

Yeah. You're right. 

You're absolutely right. Yeah. It's I mean, it, when it gets to that level, it's sometimes kind of burns it out . 

Yeah. You almost don't want anything to do with it. So, but there's parts of that kept on going like that whole grunge scene. That was a whole little trend. Yeah. I guess it was, I don't even know what you want to call it a fat phase, but how much of that music continued on everything takes off that point forward alternative music that point forward. Right. You did have some changes, but you're right. I think it was that. 

Whole. Yeah, Exactly. The, but the whole, like the whole urban scene in New York city and stuff like that was huge, like a huge cultural shift to where we are like exactly like the watching that a tinker Hatfield thing, this guy like shoes, the lineup skidding when the air Jordans were released, just like insane people. Weren't like, it's like a f*****g hit. This is the same there. You know what I mean? Like absolutely. 

Cow. I know. 

No idea. I had no idea. 

And this is cool. Like, I mean, it's, that's why these things pumped me up. Well speaking about tinker Hatfield, there's another documentary that I watched. This one I actually did watch over the holidays, it's called unbanned. It was the story of the air Jordan one and what it took to get there. Right. Again, it's like, everybody hears of Michael Jordan. Yeah. To get to that first shoe and what it took and that shoe caused so much s**t, big time. He couldn't even wear his own shoes to play because they were bill free. He was giving him an advantage. They thought he was too flashy. They thought there was so much controversy over his shoes, which is ridiculous. It's insane. That one is fantastic because that one really goes deep into just like the story and how it actually got there. And of course, tinker Hatfields in that. 

Absolutely. So that one's called band. Yeah. One that I found was kind of fun from a long time ago. I thought this was a good business. One that, there goes back to the E-Myth right. There's a book called the E-Myth, which is all about, the story of McDonald's, how it got there. Right. The movie about that is called the founder with Michael Keaton. Right. And oddly enough, it's pretty inspirational movie. It's a good movie to watch, but it's just the shifts and what he had to do to take McDonald's from basically what started out as just like a little tiny shop in the middle of nowhere to this giant empire and like what he had to go through the processes, they did, how they made it efficient. This is a good business show. You want to watch a show, that'll inspire you business wise, but the importance of some process and the benefits of process, right? 

This is it. Some of the huge pivotal moves that made McDonald's what it is today. I mean, love it or hate it. The food is gross, but my kids love it. It's better than burger king. Oh my God. It's better burger king. Not the branding so much, but branding is awesome. But no, I honestly it's. It is such a good movie. And again, he's a good actor. Right. And he plays the park. Is he Ray crock? Does he play Ray? You have to watch it. I, it is. It's always seen that and I've heard good things about it and you'll forget, it's even because you don't see it often anymore, you have to look for it. But this one, the founder. Right. Which I believe it's on a few different places for download now free, highly, a great movie. Yeah. Going back to skate culture. 

Okay. There's two here that the same movie, one's a documentary and one's a movie, but it's Dogtown in the Z boys, right. Or the Lords of dog. Okay. I believe Dogtown, dizzy boys is the documentary Lord. The Dogtown is a movie based off of what happened, but basically mid seventies, America, skateboarding was starting to tank. Oh right. You're starting to tank. Because again, you could only do so much. I mean, you see them, we've got some of those little things. There's sidewalks surfers back then, they're this big and the wheels are, you couldn't do much with them. So it wasn't very exciting. Right. Right. It was literally this group of dudes out in California who then changed that scene. Right. They started emptying out these big pools and trying to skate in pools. Right. They started elevating the game changing instead of just sidewalk servers to starting to do flips and jumps and this and the ELA, they literally changed the game and even changed the boards themselves. 

Really. This was the reason why this is such a great movie, because again, it just shows the culture shift and what it takes to create that. They did, if anything, you could almost single-handedly say that they saved that space really right. A hundred percent. And again, that was cool. I don't know which one I liked better. The document, the movie kind of sucked to be honest, but it did, why? Because it was a bunch of young guys and in the seventies. They were all half naked, always because there's going to be shirtless back then. I just, I felt uncomfortable after. 

Put a shirt on. 

Reality as a jealous, because they all were fed. 

Ripped dams, 

I mean, it's a coolest s**t series. Like the show in the documentary. They're both really damn cool though. Yeah. 

No, the funny thing is, and maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here, but it seems like necessity is the biggest inspiration of some of these kinds of stories. 

I think. So, you know what I mean? My biggest inspiration to it. Well, it's that pivotal moment where somebody realizes, where design. 

This board sucks and I can do nothing else with it. Yeah. What can I do for my equipment to make me to take me to the next level? Right. It's that kind of like, 

This is exactly what the shoes happened with. This it'll happen with the next one that we talk about. Like it's yeah, you're right. Like, I mean, I think that plays a big part to do with product design of the evolution. Yeah. You know? Yeah. You don't want that. 

Inspiration for everybody. It's like, I want to better at this, but I'm limited by my gear. You know what I mean? Like. 

Absolutely. And so many stories. I mean, I think that's how the snowboard came about. A lot of the ski equipment came about or the water ski equipment. Yeah. It's all sports-related though. I'm sure. I'm sure it happens elsewhere though. It has to talk to, it has to, well, I mean, I think that's kind of what the whole technology play is, period. Yeah. Out of necessity and make it more convenient, make it more efficient right. Out of necessity finding. Absolutely. I think technology is probably really embrace that more than anything. Big. 

Time. Big. 

Yes. Yes. The last one and this one's kind of a fun one to finish on. I think, everybody, or at least everybody that I know in north America anyway, can relate to this one. The last one here is called 44 pages. What this is a boat, the highlights magazine that you would get as a kid or you'd see at schools, or you would see it's this little kids highlights magazine. It was always do see it's bringing back memories. Remember that. Right. It always had, so back when were young, it would have puzzles in there and learn how to do this. And it was always fun. Again, that magazine 1940, it came out. Okay. Oh s**t. As long as running magazine, without a single advertisement, there was no ads at all puking out, like how do they stay in business? Right. Again, and they always kept it to the same size, the same type of format. 

The cool thing about this is number one, everybody loves the little kids highlights messaging. Right. I mean, it's, everybody can remember this, especially once you see that logo, which I don't think it's ever changed, so we can never actually get them a logo review. The cool thing about this one is it's just, it's a magazine format. Right. They keep having to evolve and keep up with the times. So think about it. They're just as big now than never. Okay. It shows them going through the years, the challenges they did, what they did to penetrate into the market, what they had to offer as they were growing, how they had to, on the sudden go from, showing just white people to now be more culturally diversified. Right. All the kind of information that they put in there. Right. How they keep people engaged, but then even more so it's a magazine and what happened with magazines 20 and 25 years ago, right. 

Started tanking. How they started to evolve and then how they had to also take their, something that has been print for 50 years and now change it to a digital format. Right. This is an amazing documentary and it's a fun watch. It's easy. Everybody remembers magazine. They're like, yes, that's really good, but it's worth watching. Because again, it's just like a genuine feel-good story about a product that has always intended to have the best always been for the good and how it's evolved and kept up and keeps evolving in this space. And this is both design. This is entrepreneurship. I mean, I always say it's a perseverance that person, entrepreneur, an entrepreneur needs perseverance above anything else. They need to keep evolving. And that's what they've done with this. Or is it still ad-free I believe it's the one I said Bree. Yeah. It's tiny and itself as a miracle. 

Right? How about, how could anybody even do that? Jeez, so that one, I recommend, that's why I put that one is last on this list because it's just a good feel, good. A nice way to end this off. Right. This touches all the points, how, the design evolves and we have to evolve with it, how the times evolve and we have to evolve it, innovation evolves. We have to, they did this all with this magazine and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere. Anytime soon, their website now is massive. They've got more programs, more offerings now than they ever have. All four. That's awesome. Yeah. I kind of remember that. I'm going to have to, I'm going to have to watch that one for sure. One's actually, where do you find that? Is that one I thought was free. So that was also on Netflix. 

That's Netflix. Netflix. Yeah. Oh, this is great, man. I mean, this is kind of cool. This is my take, I hate to say it like, this isn't about me, but this is if I had to recommend anybody, a list of shows to watch, to find inspiration, to find business advice, to improve or hone your design skills without actually being how to design type. But I can make sure yes. I pick up this list. I mean, there's always tons of good stuff on here. Big time. What I'm thinking about doing is by the time we actually launched it, I'm going to put this list on our website and really put trailers for everything on here. People can go check it out, check out this list. It's kind of what we would recommend or at least what I would recommend that we need to watch. I think you're absolutely right. 

Like, like. 

For different reasons, the Tinker Hatfield one, I, I, I probably on my own, if you hadn't suggested like, dude check this out, I probably would not have. Yeah. Because I didn't expect it to be inspirational, but holy f**k. It was just like, yeah, it was such a, 

I think that's the key for almost all of these. It's like, no matter which one, the bank sees our homeless areas and inspirational in one way, the video game ones are inspirational. Even the fresh dressed one about seeing what hip hop had to do. I mean, it's like, that's cool as designers, we can pull inspiration from all these in different ways. Right. I think this is an awesome list and I recommend everybody to go with this. 

Yes. All right. 

I think this is okay for a good start to the year, right? This is pretty good. A nice, easy podcast with our new digs. Of course, in our new podcast. 

Room here at Gasper. We're big time. We're coming to you. Alcohol free for the first time. We'll see how they progressed by the last one. This month. 

Will be a long month. 

Damn it. What are we thinking by the last one? We'll be talking. Oh, damn. All right, dude. Okay, good. This is a good one to start with. Thank you for this list, man. This is I got some watching to do. 

Tomorrow. Don't come to work. 

Watch. Can I have a week off again? 

All right, everybody. I hope you found something on here that could inspire you or at least something that may have kind of peaked your interest and to checking it out, please, by all means, leave us a review, hit us up on your favorite podcast station. Leave us a review on apple podcast. Find us on your favorite podcast channel and hit us up on Instagram. We've got a great following on Instagram. Just hit a thousand. Didn't seem like much, but what? We talked to so many of these people on a regular basis, honestly, like it's cool conversations that we have going. Right. Great. It is really cool. By all means, drop us a line on there. It's an easy way to find us and a yacht and hit us up on their website where we will put this list. Of course, at the angry Yeah. 

Cool. Awesome. All right, 

Everybody happy new year. Welcome. And let's make this year kick ass. My name is MAs. 

My name's Shawn stay creative and stay angry.