Graphic Designers – To Give or Not to Give Raw Working Files

To hand over, or not to hand over – that is the question for Graphic Designers.

Shakespeare himself might struggle to answer this!

There’s an age-old debate over native file sharing, and it’s a clash of perspectives that every designer faces 🤔

Clients ask for native files for a whole number of reasons, from printing requirements to future edits and even legal compliance.

But, designers have their reservations. They worry about the integrity of their creations,  loss of income and so much more!

So, how do you handle your working files? Do you willingly give them along with a ginormous side helping of trust, or do you keep your files close to your chest?

Join the bearded bros as they tackle the tricky topic of sharing native files with customers and the cases for and against handing over working files: both good, and bad!

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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