Horrible Job Titles: Graphic Designers Beware!!!

Do you describe yourself as a Graphic Design Ninja? Pixel Guru? How about Creative Rockstar?  If you do, stop. Just stop.

We get it, Graphic Designers are creative and having a fun or quirky job title can help you stand out…but it isn’t necessarily a good thing. More often than not, it is full of bad intentions and even worse repercussions!

In this VERY Angry episode of The Angry Designer, the guys discuss the Rise of Ridiculous Job Titles in Graphic Design and why they’re a problem within the industry, for employees and for employers. Follow along as the guys cover topics like:

  • Problems with the Industry
  • Sneaky employers
  • Why a title can be a source of stress
  • Tips on creating a good job title
  • How to create a good job title

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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