The Angry Designer
Mar. 15, 2022

How Graphic Designers can own a Bad Creative Brief!

Creative briefs – something all graphic designers are familiar with, but that many also dread.

Some creative briefs are AWESOME – sharp, concise, to the point and full of valuable information. Others are a disaster and make you almost want to pass on a job (or even worse, a client).

So, what do you do when a bad creative brief lands on your desk? Do you pass on the job, or can you turn it around and own that project? 

Join The Angry Designers where they tackle the topic of dealing with bad creative briefs! In this episode, the beardos cover:

  • the purpose of the creative brief
  • the many different types of terrible creative briefs
  • how to handle a bad brief and OWN the project

This episode will empower you to tackle any creative brief and leave you pumped to take ownership of your next opportunity!