Kristy Campbell from Creative South 2024 on the Angry Designer LIVE

Angry Designer LIVE is event based interview sessions performed with designers, speakers, and guests at Creative events. This series is from Creative South 2024 held in Columbus Georgia.

In this first, official episode, meet Kristy Campbell, the no-nonsense brand identity specialist and graphic designer shaking up the industry from The Stables in Orewa, New Zealand. With over a decade of experience and a degree in Graphic Design and Animation, Kristy leads a fierce all-female team with an unapologetic drive.

Sick and tired of the mundane in-house design gigs—imagine being chained to one set of fonts and a bland three-tone palette—Kristy decided enough was enough. She launched a 100-day design challenge on Instagram to reignite her creative spark, shared her bold creations, and landed her first client. Just like that, her freelance career took off like a rocket.

Kristy’s #1 mission with Pink Pony Creative? To craft unforgettable and unmistakable branding and visual identities for bold businesses ready to make waves. But she doesn’t stop there. Kristy is on a crusade to educate the masses about the power of cohesive and consistent aesthetics, emphasizing the importance of a personal brand. She preaches the gospel of strategic, branded design elements and marketing collateral, and she rocks her own branded Pink across everything she touches, proving the impact of personal branding.

Ready to learn from a true industry rebel? Tune in and get ready to be inspired by Kristy’s journey and her relentless pursuit of design excellence.

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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