The Angry Designer
Jul. 12, 2022

Networking Tips for Graphic Designers

Networking - is it a word that strikes fear into the heart of a Graphic Designer, or do you jump at the chance to get out there and meet like-minded creatives and clients? 

For a Graphic Designer, networking is SO important for building your business, your personal brand, your contact list but it also isn't something that comes naturally to a lot of creatives who are used to being tucked away behind the safety of a screen (even more so in a post-pandemic world). 

Join The Angry Designers for another bourbon fuelled episode, where the guys tackle the oh-so scary topic of Networking for Graphic Designers. In this episode, the beardos provide tips and advice from on the easiest and most effective ways to network in the graphic design space including topics like: 

- Why Network 
- Generic networking vs Deep networking
- 4 tips on better networking for Graphic Designers
- Networking for Introverts

This episode will get you talking....again :)