Perfection in Graphic Design: The Death of Creativity

As a Graphic Designer, being a perfectionist is good, right? Spending countless hours on details no one would notice, obsessing over just the right amount of whitespace, waking up in the middle of the night questioning your decisions, second guessing your final product even AFTER sending your concepts to your client. This is good, right?

Whether your reasoning is because you want to be like Draplin, Do, Janda, Beirut, or that your customers deserve nothing less than perfection, or that YOU don’t want to deliver anything less than perfection,  these beliefs surrounding perfection in Graphic Design can cloud your better judgement.  
In this perfectly imperfect episode of The Angry Designer, the bearded brutes dive headfirst into the perfectly frustrating topic of Perfectionism in Graphic Design, and untangle the myths that surround the idea of perfection and why it’s all a load of bull! Jam packed with stories, ideas, bourbon (and the name of our first interview guest), the guys cover:

– How being perfect is not something to brag about
– 4 reasons perfection is BAD
– Nike and Apple’s perfect design
– What is a perfect design
– How to create a perfect design

This podcast will leave you accepting you’re not perfect,  and give you a more relaxed approach to being a perfect Graphic Designer.

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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