The Designer vs Developer Relationship – How to Learn to Get Along

Mac vs PC. Left Brain vs Right Brain. Logical vs Creative. There are so many stereo types (dare we say myths) to describe the relationship between Designers & Developers.  

Coders, Programmers, Developers are often overlooked in the design space. They aren’t the ones getting  the credit for how great something works. Yet, they’re the ones working away behind the scenes, making sure those great designs have some kick-ass functionality to them.

Despite our differences, at the heart of it all, designers and programmers both serve the same goal – to create awesome solutions to solve our client’s problems.

On this episode of The Angry Designer, we close the divide between Art and Science and pay tribute to our late, great Sr Programmer, and discuss why you should keep your coders close. In this emotional episode, the guys discuss:

  • Similarities between designers and programmers
  • The history of Art & Science
  • Common myths of our relationships
  • Our daily work flows
  • Commonalities between both

This episode may bring you to tears, but will no doubt bring light to the fact that we are not as different as we thought.

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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