The Power of Community in Graphic Design

Ever wondered how top designers stay inspired and on top of their game? The key, to unlocking your full Graphic Design potential, to an endless amount of inspiration, support, and resources isn’t a tool or software–it’s community.

In this LIVE recording of The Angry Designers Podcast, the duo leave the great white north, and travel over 1500km to Columbus, Georgia for the Creative South Graphic Design Conference.  

With a conference motto of ‘Come as Friends, leave as Family’, the designers discover:
– what makes Creative South so special
– experience what community actually means 
– the importance it has in a Graphic Designers future

 Joining a Graphic Design Community Could Be the Best Decision of Your Career! United, We Design! 

This episode spins off a Brand new series of Live Event Interviews called, The Angry Designer LIVE, which will run each week along side our regularly scheduled podcasts.

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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