The Quickie Podcast & Print Design Academy Founder Dave Hopkins on The Angry Designer LIVE from Creative South 2024

In this episode, we chat with Dave Hopkins, a dynamic force in the graphic design community. Dave is the host of “The Quickie Podcast,” where he interviews talented graphic designers, illustrators, and creative directors, quickly—usually in 30 minutes or less. On his show, you can hear from freelancers to creatives at world-renowned businesses and agencies, discussing their wins, fails, lessons learned, and what inspires them.

But that’s not all. Dave is also the founder of the Print Design Academy and the host of the Print Design Podcast. Through the academy, he shares his passion for print design, educating designers on everything from file prep to holding the finished product in their hands. Dave’s expertise in print and packaging design is unparalleled, and his academy offers invaluable resources for designers looking to excel in this niche.

Dave has a fresh, innovative approach to teaching design, which has helped many, including myself, rethink the role of design educators. His unique perspective and dedication to the craft are truly inspiring.

Ready to dive into the world of print and quickie insights? Tune in to hear Dave’s journey, his insights on print design, and his relentless pursuit of creative excellence.

Angry Designer LIVE brings you event-based interviews with designers, speakers, and guests from top creative events. This series continues with an exclusive session from Creative South 2024 in Columbus, Georgia.

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