They Paid HOW MUCH for that Logo? The TOP most expensive logos & how to charge the same

They are NOT Myths…logos can cost more than Houses, Mansions, even a whole damn Island! 

From the iconic Nike Swoosh to the broadcasting giants across the pond at the BBC, this week The Angry Designers rant about the ridiculous stories behind some of the world’s most expensive logos, as well as answering the question – what is it exactly that makes a logo so damn expensive?

On this episode, the bearded beasts cover:
– What is it that influences the cost of a logo?
– The origins of a few of the most recognizable (and eye-wateringly expensive) logos
– Why the hell are some logos so expensive?

WARNING! This episode comes with some shocking price tags that may just leave you speechless. Listen with caution…

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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