What We Love About Being a Graphic Designer: Inspiring Quotes from Fellow Designers


There is so much to LOVE about being a Graphic Designer. So we thought that LOVE deserved its very own episode 🙌.

We’ve scoured the depths of Reddit and pulled out some of the most inspiring quotes from fellow designers, talking about what they LOVE about graphic design.

From designing and presenting to problem solving and attitudes around the space , join the bearded gents this week as they delve into what makes this career & industry so damn amazing!

This episode will have you laughing, learning, and falling even more in love with graphic design than you already are (if that’s even possible).

Episode Transcript

We had an interview this week Yes. With another podcast. Mm-hmm. Uh, they interviewed the angry designer was pretty fucking cool, right? I don't know. He, he knew what he was into, but, uh, it was a great quickie, threesome. That's all I gotta say. I'm just gonna leave that out there [00:01:00] and, and follow us and you'll see when it comes.

But then between that and then between doing some shorts, we kind of accidentally downed, uh, like a whole bottle of whiskey and then our whiskey Friday. Yes. So this is gonna be a split episode, right? Yes. Right. So this one was something that we tried Canadian. Yes. 2 71 whiskey. And the only draw why I, I wanted this is because I'm a cheap.

Fucker and, and I buy box wine for my guests cuz you know who cares? Not the special guests, the ones that come all the time is so cute for your wines. Well, I just gave them box shit by this company called Magna, and sure enough they, I see that they. Created their own whiskey. Yeah. Look at that. Right? Yeah.

And the label was, well, it was kind of like a dated styled label. I, I kind of say, yeah, guess can't say. It's like the most creative. They go, but this got this nice badge on it, which is, I might like that. I dunno if you can seery that off. Look at that, look at that. Right. That's pretty sexy. Yeah. So I thought we would try this.

Yeah. And it's, it's, it's different. Okay. [00:02:00] It's, what was the word I used? It was very underwhelming. Underwhelming, underwhelming. There. It wasn't great. No. It wasn't horrible. It's, but I, at the same time, it's nothing that I would write home about. Right. Yeah. It's just a, it's just, it just is it, it just exists as, you know, just smooth, easy to drink whiskey.

Yes. This would be perfect if I was to recommend to a new whiskey drinker. Yes. Right. Because it's not so strong that you regret having a drink. Yeah. But at the same time, if you, if you enjoy. Flavor. I don't know if this is the whiskey water anymore. Yeah, exactly. This, this is my feeling on this is they, they should probably stick to box.

Box wine. Box wine, wine, wine. Yes. Maybe they'll come up with box whiskey. Box whiskey. That would be awesome. And then, uh, this, this is a good Sunday morning drinking wine. Or, uh, Sunday morning drinking whiskey. Now, when you say Sunday morning, do you mean like after midnight morning or wake up at when you get up at nine o'clock after your first orange juice, you have this?

Yeah. Well, this, this is light enough that you could get away with it. Totally. Right. [00:03:00] Oh, shit. That's funny. But it's, it's not terrible. It's not terrible. It's, that's, that's horrible. Yeah, I know. Isn't that awful? Well, I like your, the work you do, Sean. It's not terrible. It's terrible. It's not terrible. See, I consider that a compliment.

As long as the customer doesn't smash, smash your work. That's right. It's not. That's not terrible. It's not terrible. So then we win here. We're we're good. Do you know, it's funny, I swear I've had people's reactions like that Yeah. Before where it's like they look at it and they're figuring it out and they're just trying to find the right word.

But I think that that phrase right there, well, it's not terrible. After Alan, um, remember Alan Peter's story? Mm-hmm. When we interviewed Alan Peters and he, he made that comment that he created something. It was, he was so proud of it, he felt it was some of his best work. He showed it to a friend, his friend's, like, dude, you outdid yourself amazing.

This is fucking phenomenal. Yeah. He presented it to the client, Clint was speechless. Cut the meeting [00:04:00] short. Yeah. And then what did he say? He called back like two, three days later saying, listen, I'm, I'm really sorry man. I'm sorry. But I just hate everything about it. And it's just like, if it could happen to someone as cool and awesome as you know, Alan.

Yes. Wow. I don't feel so bad that he just gone, I've gone through it too. Yes, exactly. We've all kind of been there. Woo. Yeah. And that's, that's a, that's a pretty harsh, that's harsh. One, eh, two days later you gotta sit and wait. Right. I did the fester in the guy. Oh. But with that being said, yeah. You know, we've had a lot of heavy topics lately.

We have, we've had a lot of, you know, hearing Alan's, you know, stories and then talking about mental, you know, illness and mental wellness and the stresses of this business. I thought we'd try something different. Oh, okay. Today, right, right. What I, what I did is, as you know, I'm always on Reddit looking for issues to solve that people have, right?

Mm-hmm. I was trolling Reddit in some of the other areas, and I came across this thread and the title was, Things you love about graphic design? Oh. And I was like, dude, [00:05:00] I need this right now. Yes. Just because it's been pretty heavy lately. Y Yep. We have TA tackled a lot of deep, deep, deep wells here, business wise, podcast wise.

Mm-hmm. Personal wise. Mm-hmm. So it was nice. It was nice to read. It kind of brought. Faith back into, you know, how, how, how I was gonna, you know, cause it was just one of those weeks and I was feeling bitter. Mm-hmm. And I was feeling a really angry podcast coming on and I was like, dude, I'm gonna blow as soon if that's the case.

But it was just nice to read. So I thought, you know what, like instead of always like harping on the negatives and trying to talk us all off, off the ledge, like we do so much. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And help through problems. Let's just keep this light. Yeah. And I wrote down like 25, you know, a copy, 25 different like quotes that people actually said.

Yeah. Broke 'em down in different categories. This is all within two threads. Oh, wow. And the threads, they went on and on. Oh, wow. And I just, I grouped them down into a couple things, but I mean, it's kind of restored my faith. Mm. You know, a little bit. I, I never, I I, my passion is run so deep in this space.

I'm gonna do this till the day I die. Yep. Right. Exactly. Man. I want my [00:06:00] coffin to be like, you know, spray painted and, and like a. Stickered up I one. Your favorite logos on. Oh man, that's it. Right? If it's gonna be a stack, people are, you know, you know, instead of people coming to the coffin and, you know, seeing their last words, peel a sticker and slap that thing on there.

Vans, van. Vans, man, vans. So, you know, I thought this would be good. We could just talk about this. Yeah. I'm gonna actually read some of the actual quotes that I think people have, um, that they said. Yeah. And I think a lot of our, our angry designers can listen, absorb, we'll talk. And I think that's, that's what today's gonna be about.

I think that's great. That's absolutely cool. Cause it's just kind of like people are probably gonna write in and say, maybe give us some other, I wouldn't like this. Things like this. See what other people love about this space. Exactly. And so we've broken this down to very different groups. I broke this into nine different groups.

Mm-hmm. And, um, let's just talk them through. Yeah. And go from there. All right. Sounds good. Sounds great. Alright. So, woo. Things you love about graphic design? Okay. Mm-hmm. Grouping one? Yes. Okay. The first group? Yeah. Okay. Broke it down into design. Design, okay. Things I love about. [00:07:00] Design in graphic design.

Yeah. So graphic design is a useful art form. Mm. It's not just about making things look good, but functional as well. There's purpose to it. Mm. Which is beautiful. Love it. Okay. Wait, wait. Love it. Three more. It's both timeless and always changing. Design principles are concrete, but how those principles get applied is, Always evolving.

I fucking love that. That's great. Taking principles that are decades old and applying them to modern day problems. Hmm. Fucking love that. Brilliant. Number three. I love taking the mess that is given to me and makes sense of it all in an unimaginable way. Mm. Love that. Yes. And last, in this section, I like the combination of digital and print.

Graphic design produces things for digital and traditional media, signage, clothing, products, packaging, but also websites, apps, social media and everything. I threw that one [00:08:00] in there cause I think we can all relate. Mm-hmm. But. Just about the design component. Yes. You know, there's so much to love about what we do here.

Totally. But I mean, the one that resonates with me here, besides the fact that it's a useful art form Yes. Is the fact that, you know, we look back to shit that designers have 50, 60 years ago. You know, even older put in place principles that they created. We looked to inspiration from back then, and we are repurposing these ideas, these methodologies into.

Shit that like they probably couldn't even have imagined was gonna exist. Exactly. How fucking cool is that Saul Bass didn't know anything about a computer. Right. The internet. Right, right. But shit, his stuff would work for it. Absolutely. Right. Poor got rolled over his grave a couple weeks ago, I'm sure when he saw that.

I love New York atrocity that they were trying to do with his logo. What happened? Remember they were kind of messing around with his logo and they're I know. Trying to, I know, I know, I know, right. But regardless, regardless, what we're working with mm-hmm. Is so old. And I mean, you know, the, [00:09:00] the industry itself is, is, you know, arguably one of the.

Oldest trades Yep. That are out there. I mean, like, there's signs like, I mean, people are like, you know, um, they tie us into like old Egyptian work Yeah. And stuff, but back then like saying like, this is, this is what you'd have to do to find this person and this trade and, and this business and this product.

Yes. So it's just crazy. And here we keep evolving, evolving, but you know, the past, you know, century or so is, is when it's really solidified. Mm-hmm. You know, and we've got principles that we're dealing with, that we're working with on a regular basis. I think that's really fucking cool. Huh. That's absolutely heavy, man.

I, I really love this one. Those, I love taking the mess that is given to me and making sense of it. Yes. In an un, in an unimaginable way. Yes. How often do customers have no idea? Yes. You know, they're just throwing us. They're like, dude, I got a problem. Yeah. Hires this, here's this, here's this, and they're just throwing this.

All this stuff that's just, it doesn't even look like it's connected. Yes. Yeah. Right. Yeah. And we take that back, right? Yeah. Because they're desperate and we find a [00:10:00] way Yes. To connect all of this information, all this data, all this, and present them back something, whether it's a website, a landing page, and an ad, even a fucking logo.

Yeah, totally. Right? Totally. And it just, and they're blown away and they're like, wow. Yeah. Like that's it. That encapsulates Exactly. Breathing. It was, yes. You did it. Yes. Dude, like, I mean, again, who else could do something like that? This is true, and this is one of those kind of things where it's very, we all know that's very common in this industry.

Mm-hmm. You're, you're always given a lot of shit. Mm-hmm. Right. But if you're doing your job properly and, you know, exercising your fun fundamentals and things like that, yeah. This is kind of one of those situations where you're. Crafting something awesome. Yep. Out of the shit that you've been given.

Absolutely. Right? Yeah, absolutely. That this is, yes, totally. This is, that's brilliant. I think it's, and the changing that you, that one, that one is heavy, man. Which one? The change the, like we've, you know, the fundamentals have stayed the same. Exactly. But the application is totally different. I know, right?

Yeah. Like who was to think that would be applying this [00:11:00] Yes. These digital formats and these crazy mediums that we are. Mm-hmm. Or that, like even the web and social media, nobody knew. But I mean, the principles Yeah. Have always been intact. Always been the same. Yes. Beautiful. Right. Exactly. Yes, exactly. I think that's pretty cool.

It's a good way to start. That's, that's amazing. Okay. That's the design. That's just about the design portion. I kind of coached the all these, because these are actual quotes that I pulled out of Reddit. Yeah. That's really, really cool. Now these are quotes. I pulled out in regards to presentation. Oh, okay.

Presentation. Presentation. So I thought this was actually cool. So there's three quotes, okay? Mm-hmm. Things you love about graphic design. Presentation. Nice. You can have an entire room on the edge of their seats before revealing your creations. Fucking love that. Being able to impress people with relatively little effort.

Mm. Nice. And last but not least, I love showing people what I've done. And their response is, you did this. Okay. That one resonates with [00:12:00] me. So all of these resonate. That last one though, I get a kick out of, because I remember showing people work and this goes back 10, 15 years ago, right? Yeah. And I'm like actually showing them so Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, did you saw that? Uh, that ad? They're like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. I did that. They did that. You did that. Did that. It looked so professional. I was just like, what do you think I'd do for a living? Its, I am a professional, never sees me, looks professional. What do you expect? Oh, people get shocked when you're just like, yeah, I, I, I did that.

Yes, I'm actually good at my job. That's so funny. But I mean, you know, the whole idea about having an entire room of people at the edge of their seats Exactly. Waiting to see like what other industry? Yeah. Are people excited? You know, to see what you're gonna show them. Yeah. Right. I mean, I'm sure the accountant, I just went through this right now, I was not pleased that what my accountant showed me, he was not happy to, to, to, oh my deliver that.

Yeah, exactly. I didn't want [00:13:00] to. Or a dentist. Right. And nobody's happy to see that guy. Right, exactly. And let's face it, I'm sure lawyers not always the best time, right. To see. Yes. So I mean, again, the fact that people go outta their way and want to be present and they, and how many times. Have you heard? Oh, I'm so excited to see these.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly. Right. And, and I mean, hopefully the response is better than the first one we talked about with poor Allen's claim. But, but uh, but I mean, the reality is it's like what we do, people get excited for. Yeah. Right. And, and they go to their way to show up on pitch day or see the ideas.

Yeah. Even if they have nothing to do with it. Yeah. They go to their way and they're like, I like this part. Yeah. I like to see this part. Exactly. And plus, like you said, when when we present logos Yep. It's, it's a show. Or it's not a show, but it's, it's a presentation. Mm-hmm. Of of the sense, like it's, you're gonna get.

10 seconds of this, and then we're taking it away, and then we're taking it away. You know what I mean? Like, oh yeah, this, this, and this is the anticipation of that anticipation really, really kind of right. Hits at home. You know what I mean? Like, it's like [00:14:00] we're at a strip bar and we, and we're the feature act, okay, we're the feature act.

Ah. And people are excited. Alright, here we go. I've been waiting all night for this. Yes. Yes. Here we go. This is the one. Yes. Not if they actually saw us to do it though, that would really change quick. But anyway, yeah. My stripping days are over. They never really storaged on and I, I get a kick out of the, being able to impress people with relatively little efforts.

I mean, again, it is like, I don't know if it's a matter of them watching you or you're sketching or doodling or just the ideas that you're able to, you know, we've got this muscle memory that is just able to pull ideas out from just pulling together minor things. And again, it's like for us it's second nature.

Yes. And people love that. They're just like, wow, how did you do that? Yeah. You know, I just gave this to you. Yeah. I just told you this. Where did you come up with this? How did you get this so fast? It's like, yeah, right. And exactly is what I do. I [00:15:00] see. I see what people have to go through to make a buck.

Yeah. And honestly like this, this constantly, you know, is just being able to impress with such little effort. Yeah. I mean, this is just such a regular thing. Big time. Love it. Yes. That's so good. Love it. So those three are basically on presentations. All right. It's nice to know that, that people still enjoy the presentation kind of aspect.

I think so. I think that's huge. That, that is good. Well, I mean, again, I, I think that was one of the reasons I got into this space, to be honest. Ah, I did. Cuz I remember as a young kid watching who's the boss? And I watched, I did. Right. And I watched Angela Bauer to a, to an ad pitch. Right. She was the creative director and she didn't, she pitched the clients.

I was like, I want to do that. That's so good. Right. Oh shit. I saw, I, I don't get scared of, I get excited with pitches, you know? And have you watched Mad Men? You know what? I still haven't watched madman. Wow. I know, dude. I knows. I know. I don't know what my issue is. Yeah, you, you should because boy, that's all the presentation.

I'm just scared that I might pick up smoking again if I watch [00:16:00] that show. Yeah, exactly. I'm like Jones for a cigarette while I watch this. Yeah. Once, once he does watch it. We'll all be drinking Canadian club. Yeah, right. And And smoking while we're here. And smoking while.

Go back to black and white wear suits. Exactly, yes. Oh God. That's amazing. That's funny. All right. Third category. Yes. Things you love about graphic design? Mm. The attitude. Oh, yes. Okay. Ready? Again, I love these ones. Okay. Mm-hmm. I've always been rebellious in nature. This gives me a way to express my creativity in a legal and rebellious fashion.

Fucking love that. Thank God. Um. I get treated differently and get away with murder, go more than others, be it a small shop or nbc. Oh wow, fuck your dress code. I ain't gonna do it, and you ain't gonna fire me for it. And this one was so true. [00:17:00] This one, the last one here. A great career for staying youthful.

Yeah. So I mean, every one of these is like totally like they, they blow me away, right? Yes, totally. Again, the rebellious in nature. Yeah. Man. I think every single graphic, even even the ones that are the most introverted mm-hmm. This is like a way for them to rebel. It's a sense of, you know, like, this is just this, this industry was made for people that are, you know, different.

Yeah. This wasn't big time, you know, this isn't like a, an everyday. Joe job. No, it certainly is not. It's, yeah. It, it's very, um, it, it's creative. So you do things in a creative and kind of rebellious way. Hmm. But it's all above board. Yeah. You're not gonna get in trouble with the law. Absolutely. Right. Which I don't know what this guy is an illegal and rebellious, but I'm glad he used the graphic design now.

Oh God. And then again, and then I get treated differently than others. Be it a small shopper, nbc Yeah. And. I, I can't say how true this is. This is so true. Cause big time [00:18:00] organizations, they, they might have dress codes, they might have, you know, expect people to act a certain way, dress a certain way, but the creative team usually gets leniency.

Mm-hmm. And people, if anything, they don't like it. They roll their eyes, but they don't argue it. Yep. Exactly. They don't expect the, the design team to, creative team to, you know, to, uh, dress up or button up or, or do whatever. It's like, yeah. We can get away with murder, which is hilarious. Yeah. And then that goes right onto the next one.

The fuck your dress code, dude, I stopped wearing suits years ago for like, I mean, again, I often have first client meetings and I'm wearing a baseball cap. Yeah, that's it. Yeah. It's it. This is what you're gonna get. That's right. When you're dealing with Zed Factor, when you're dealing with me. Yep. Yeah.

Some people are slick and, and if you can pull that off, that's great. Mm-hmm. But a lot of the people that we, we that, that we see and we dress up with you, what you get is what you see. Yeah, that's exactly it. Yeah, totally. Yeah. My, my father couldn't get that. He never gets that. He's like, why don't you dress up more?

You know, you're a business owner, you're a professional, you know, like, dude, but you don't understand. Yeah. This is [00:19:00] my me dressing up. Yes. Like this is our outfit. This is Yeah. What people expect. Exactly. And if I am, if I look like an accountant, They might not take me seriously. Yes. Yeah. They might not take us seriously as creative.

Yeah. This guy's not creative. Look at, he's wearing a suit. Right. They're expecting this. Yeah. Which is amazing. Yes. Um, yeah, and, and, and also like, I think the people that see, I. Us and dressed in our refineries with our hats and our t-shirts and funky shoes and stuff like that. When they're wearing their golf shirts, they're secretly jealous.

You know what I mean? It's like, damn, I wish I could dress like the creative people golf shirts and dress pants. Come on. Right. I know. Who are you trying to fool? I feel so bad for those people having to wear that shit. It's like it almost gets more casually. Dress shoes. Yeah, dress pants. Yeah, and a golf shirt.

And a golf. It's just like, okay, what are you trying to do here with this outfit? Oh, I don't know if that's business casual or not. Yeah, well that's kind of what it is, but yeah, we don't have to conform to that shit. No, [00:20:00] we don't. Which is un expect us to. Exactly. How awesome is that? You can, you can literally dress.

Like you are who you are. Like we said our last episode about, you know, being creative, expressing yourself. That's okay. And that's accepted in this space. Yes. How fucking awesome is that? Yeah, it's really, you couldn't do that if you were a lawyer. Yeah. Couldn't do that. If you're an accountant, a dentist, a doctor, think of that.

You can't think of your doctor coming up to you with a baseball hat. Actually, you know what my doctor does? Does he? My doctor is fucking cool. That's awesome. He is. He's cool in that sense. I know he has. I've seen him in a baseball cap. Right. He'll show up in a baseball cap and, and he'll just be casual jeans, you know, one day, I think it was near Kwanza, he had on, you know, one of the African tribe outfits Oh, right.

To celebrate his culture. Another, and then, and then another day in his suit. This guy's all over the place. Wow. I don't know what to get, but I'm pretty lucky. He's pretty cool. Okay. Okay. He's pretty hip. Yeah. That's, that's pretty good. And that doesn't, doesn't reflect bad on, on his talents or, or how he is perceived, so I don't, I'm not, I You like [00:21:00] him, I like him this way.

Right. I'm like, I, cause I, I. I connect with him in that sense. Mm-hmm. I have issues cause he's too damn busy now. Nah. So I think a lot of people like the fact that he's chilled like this. Right. That's maybe, that's, this is odd. Now I have not heard of another doctor like this. Yes. I haven't, I've I've got the, the, I don't know what you want to call him, but he's kind of cool.

He's a rebel. He's all over the place. So I thought, my dad, my dad's not sure how to take it. He's like, why does he wear a baseball cap? He's a doctor, a he shouldn't. I'm like, it's cool. I don't care care. It's. Great. I like it. Knock yourself out. As long as you do the job right. As long as you do the job. But I am winning a million.

Yeah. Yeah. But like seriously though, dress code wise, we we're very fortunate. Mm-hmm. And we get away with so much more than other industries. Yes. And, and it's accepted and it's cool. Yeah. But this, oh, sorry, go ahead. No, no, go ahead. I was just gonna say, staying young. That's, that's awesome. Right? Yeah. Is that not true?

That is absolutely true. I, yeah, I think this kind of headspace. Uh, or, or this kind of business is kind of one of those things where you, you have to kind of stay young and Right. Yeah. You, you, you stay actively [00:22:00] involved in, you know, media. Yes. In culture, yes. In trends. Yes. Right? Yes. Yeah. And again, we always go on about, you know, you gotta keep up.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. But that's what makes it fun. Yes. Because, you know, I can have these, okay. Granted, I, I can't keep up like my kids do. I mean, I don't know all the new lingo that they're talking about. Yes. And I'm not nearly on their social platforms like they are, but, um, But the reality is that I can talk about shit like music.

Mm-hmm. And you know, like celebrities. To them like they are. Right? Yeah. And I know who their YouTube celebs are, and again, I I may not follow 'em. Yeah. But I know them because we're there. And so it does keep me youthful. Like, they're like, wow, you are as old as so-and-so's dad. Yeah. But you're way cooler.

But you're way cooler. Right. And it's just like, and even I remember, you know, I meant like, I met, oh my God, I think it was my, my, I think it was Bella's, my, my second oldest daughter. Mm-hmm. One of her friends. Yeah. She didn't know I was her dad. Oh God. And she was staring at me. She's like, who's this dad?

That's your dad? No. Cause she was like, she thought how cool this dude's in a hat, you know, I had like ripped jeans on. [00:23:00] And she's like, That's your dad. And she's like an amazement because her dad was ultra-conservative. Yes. You know, my age buddy. Where the golf shirts, he was 10 years older. Right. Wow. It was, it's just so funny in that sense.

So it is, it's, you look youthful. You stay youthful. You feel youthful. Exactly. In the space, right? Yes. As long as you're an active designer and you keep on going, dude, I don't, I don't know. I don't know if we ever age. Yeah. I don't think we do. I, I mean, we're, we're true to ourselves. You know, we, we believe in what we do, lean into it.

We're always learning. Like you said, this is kind of, yeah. This is, this is the fountain of youth. Uh, it kind of is. Right. Kind of is. I love it. I love it. All right, next one. Okay. Okay. Things you love about graphic design. Okay. Yes. So I. Banked this grouping is industries, products, and businesses. Oh, okay.

People said, you know what they love about graphic design? You learn about many types of industries and businesses. Yes. You can make businesses look better than their competitors. Mm. And I love the research aspect and getting to [00:24:00] know a market or whoever I'm designing for. Yes. So, Okay. I mean, I'm passionate about this.

I love this. Mm-hmm. This is one of the best parts Yes. Is you're constantly, I, I just, I've always been curious how things get made. Mm-hmm. Right. So, anytime I meet a new business, anytime I have a new customer and, and we have to start learning about a space. Mm-hmm. Dude, I just absorb it. I learn about them.

They're competitors with this products and blah, blah, blah, blah. And it's just, I love it. Right. Yeah. And again, that's what keeps me going in this mm-hmm. Is just constantly learning on how things are done. Right? Yeah. Yeah. This whole idea of making businesses look better than competitors. Well, that's the competitive aspect, which I love.

Yeah. Oh, totally. Right? Yeah. It's your customer. Yeah. You find an edge and you figure out how to do that. I, I respect, I love that. Yeah. But again, you know, and then respecting and or the research aspect and getting to know market or whoever they're designing for, again. Yeah. To me, this is all research underneath the business, getting to know the business and the products.

Yes, yes. Exactly. It's, and again, part of this space is this inquisitive mind, which keeps you young. Right? Right. So you're always. [00:25:00] Thirsting to know something different. This new client comes along and say, Hey, you know what, I'm gonna pick up some new knowledge and I'm gonna get right into into this. Right?

And I'm gonna figure out how this kind of shit works. It's, it's, this is, it's fascinating. It is. It's one of, I mean, as a kid, I used to take everything apart, couldn't always put it back together. Almost never did, but I, I always love to find out how they, how they were made. And it's the same thing with businesses.

I'd love to find out like how it works from, from, you know, like the, the moment you walk into the receptionist all the way to the guy, the delivery guy, and how everything in between works. Yeah. This is the most interesting part of what we do, right? Yeah, totally. I, and again, it doesn't matter what the business is, if it's flat, if it's a little startup or whatever it is, just, it's part of that whole discovery process and learning all about them, you know, which then ends up.

Helping you. Yeah. Deliver better design, better problem solving, better brand. It's all encompassing. Yes. So, yes, exactly. Oh, I love that part of, that's very cool. Geeze. All I can think about is your poor father looking at his radio take. I take it apart. What the hell is the boy done? [00:26:00] I used to get the belt.

Lemme tell you. I was like, come here, are you? You understand how it works, but, uh, I dunno how to put it back together. I still like that actually. Yeah. Right.

That's funny. All right. Yes. Things you love about graphic design, right? Problem solving. Yeah. Thanks. So these are actual quotes from people and what they said about problem solving. Yeah. Being able to think about a problem and solve it in a creative way is satisfying. Mm. Taking the mess clients give us and creating something clean and well organized.

Boom, there it is again. Yep. And we bring what's difficult to articulate into existence. Yes, that one is beautiful. That is awesome. Anytime I hear somebody explain something in normal terms. Yeah. This is what we do. Right? Yeah. Because we have these massive tech [00:27:00] minds that we work with. Right? Right. These super smart, like some of them fucking work for nasa dude.

Some of them are rocket scientists. This is right. Yes, yes, yes. So it's like they've got this crazy mind going, this beautiful mind speak, going, speaking other languages. They speak other language in exactly like your shirt. Yep. We speak here. Translate that. Yep. Yes, absolutely. Into palatable, you know, digestible turns and that's true, right?

Yes. Because I mean, the stuff they're telling us, we're, we're fortunate that we understand. Yes. Because we understand the technology, we understand the space. Yes. But I mean, somebody who doesn't have our background would've no fucking idea. What these guys are talking about is exactly it. We bring it to life.

We take what it is that they're trying to say and actually say it for them. Exactly. In a way that the masses understand. Yes. Right. I love when you're able to do that. Yes. Right? Yes. That, I mean, then again, Beautiful. Think something about, you know, problem solving. Mm-hmm. And again, taking the mess clients give us and create something well and organized.

Right. Well, we know that this is the case. Yep. This case with the brands that we encounter mm-hmm. The products we encounter. Mm-hmm. The messaging, often the logos that we [00:28:00] get, right? Yeah. Yeah. We scoop that all up and we're actually creating something really cool for them. Mm-hmm. And delivering something great.

Yeah. But again, you know, there is. Almost nothing more satisfying than being able to solve a client's client's problem. Mm-hmm. You know, in a cool, creative way. Yes. You know, they're saying, we've always had this problem. We don't know how to do this. We don't know how to do that. We don't know how to explain this.

We don't know how to show this when you can deliver on that dude. Mm-hmm. You know, like that's just, nothing is more satisfying in this whole space than Absolutely, absolutely not. Yeah. No, that, I think this is the one magical thing that's really kind of, Is the icing on the cake, I think, you know, I agree actually.

Yeah. It's, it's very cool to be able to do that. I always did love solving problems, and I still do. I think that's my favorite part. You know it totally when you there and you're trying to figure out how to, how to articulate that message. Yes. How to get that brand and deliver, you know, the, the visuals and, and or, or even create the story in an infographic.

There we go. Like how cool is that sometimes? Exactly. I know where it's like they give us all this data, all this information, and then we are able to put it in a story. Mm-hmm. In a [00:29:00] logical format that makes everybody understand what the hell it all means. Yes, yes. Love that dude. I love that. That's very cool.

And that's fairly tricky. Oh my God, yes. It's tricky. It's not always, it's not hard. It's not always the easiest thing. Otherwise these companies would be delivering us outlines of what us to build. Right. Exactly. What we should build. Exactly. We never get that. Yeah. That's right. We rarely get that. Yeah.

Right. We're always, you know, taking things apart. Reassembling, reorganizing, reshuffling. Right. Yeah. Clearing up their messaging, like, I mean, that's, that's super important. Mm-hmm. Yeah. That's a great one. I I absolutely love that. I do. I'm glad I do Love that. I'm glad that's included in this, included in this.

Yeah. All right. Things I love about graphic design. Variety. Ooh. All right. So this is what some of people are saying. I rarely do the same thing. Two days running even within the same project. That's the major thing for me, not becoming bored. Mm. I love how many different skill sets I use, and again, this is the second person.

I love how many different skill sets I [00:30:00] use and the diversity in types of work I do. One day it's illustrating, next day it's ui ux. And last one. I like wearing a lot of hats. Mm-hmm. My specific job allows me more than most if I get to design packaging, merchandise, collateral, web graphics, motion pieces, rarely, but it comes up.

I get to do photography, illustration. I get to write fun, punchy, and fortunately short copy sometimes too, like. Again. Wow. That okay. That sounds like a lot. That's a, that's a, that sounds like it's the creative lead at a small company. Yes. In my opinion. Exactly. That's exactly what it is. But I mean, again, this person wears a lot of hats.

Yep. But we've done every single, you have done every single one of these. Yep. I have done every single one. Mm-hmm. Most of the people at the back here mm-hmm. Have touched almost everything here in one way or another. And the funny thing is, they look forward to it. Yeah. Right. I sometimes see people rip about, oh, you know, like I, I was hired as a graphic designer, that's all I [00:31:00] want to do.

But dude, wouldn't you get bored every day drawing this? And again, I love putting together stuff. I love, I love the design aspect of this, but I, I like mixing it up. Mm-hmm. I like jumping in, doing wire frames, you know, flexing my mind a bit, you know, maybe retweaking copy or re re tweaking the headlines, you know?

Yes. Heck, if I need a photo, I'll go take it myself. Yes. I'm not gonna sit there and be like, oh, you didn't supply it for me. Yeah. What are you gonna do? Yeah, dude. Like, this is, this is the part that I, and I have to agree, this is one of my favorite parts of what we do on a day to day. This is why I got into this space.

Yep. Because I didn't want to do, One job. One job the rest of my life. Yes. And everything here is creative. Yeah. Right? Yeah. Everything here, right? Whether you're designing, merchandising, web stuff, motion graphics, we do videos here, illustrations for talk, all this stuff, right? Mm-hmm. Even the comp, this is all creative.

Yeah. And I mean, again, I don't want to think that I'm only creative in one place. Mm-hmm. I, again, I've always, you know, played the whole generalist card, right? Yeah. And how it all works together. Yeah. And being able to touch all these helps that Yes. [00:32:00] But I couldn't imagine doing just one of these. Every day for 25, 30, 40 years.

That would drive me nuts. It wouldn't it? Yes. These three people all love exactly that, right? Yeah. They, they love that. There's just so much variety and diversity in what they're doing. Yeah. I think that's what makes his job exciting to be, be honest. Totally. Totally. Yeah. That's absolutely true. Did you ever work in a factory when you, were you like Inwe college years?

No, we never did just retail. Okay. Yeah, because that was like one of those kind of things where it was like, It was monotonous. You do the same job over and over and over again every day, and I was like, I knew that. Okay. This is not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and thank God. Yes, graphic design right.

Gives you that. Sometimes you come in and it's like, oh, Russ job. Okay. What's it gonna be? Oh, okay, well, let's go with this. Right, right. Or whatever. Right. It's nice. One day you're doing illustration badges. Yeah. Next day you're doing a Photoshop. Yes. Uh, something, you know, you're creating a 3, 4, 5 different, you know, like, uh, pictured image.

Yeah. You know, telling a whole [00:33:00] story. Yeah. Another day you're doing a mockup for a website. Yeah. Yeah. Like this is, this makes you a better designer. Totally. And you know, it, it puts, it makes your value worth more. Yeah. Right. You've got more experience. When you go to the table, you can be like, yo, I've touched this, I've touched this.

This is like, I think one of the best parts of the whole space. Big time. If you're willing to do this. Yeah. A lot of people, like they riff on this, they, they hate this aspect. Yeah. But I mean, to me this is like, this is one of, one of the coolest parts of our job is that we're all, we're never bored. Yeah, exactly.

Right. If you feel like you've been doing too much illustration, shit, flip to something else, right? Yeah, yeah. You're doing too much layout work. Then, you know, jump on some website concepts. There's some logo designs. Yeah. Dude, like great stuff. Yeah. Oh, big time. And I love that these people are pro about this and they actually love it.

Yes. Cause for a little while, everything I read, people were right. Oh, wanna do, I wasn't hired to do this. Yeah, exactly. I wasn't hired to do this. You imagine if this poor person, the third person said, I wasn't hired to do the one of these. 40 things that I have to do. Like how, you know, how fucked would that [00:34:00] be?

Yeah. Like you, no. You'd lean into it and you say, Hey, you know what? I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna learn this. I'm gonna love it. I'm gonna learn it. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Because writing copy can be fun sometimes. Oh, dude, it totally is, right? Yeah. Yes. So I was happy to see that and I was happy to read that. Yeah.

All right. Things I love about graphic design coworkers, this one shocked me. Really? Eh? Yes. I was happy when I saw this. I, I was very happy. So, three quotes I got. My coworkers are the best. Love working with them. Mm. The team that I built, truly good, talented people I enjoy working with. Wait, did you write that?

No. Oh, you see what I did there? That was good. That was good. That was good. You got, and the last one, because we're all designers. We care about each other. Great fucking people. Yes. Like, yes. Again, you know, and, and again, I take it for granted, I'm often stuck in the, my little office there and, and I hear you guys on a daily basis.

I feel like I'm partaking, but I [00:35:00] mean, it's like, it's, it's like a family. Yes. Yes. I'm hearing you guys, your stories, your laughs, your topics. Mm-hmm. Sometimes I'll yell over when I have to add to it. Exactly. You know? But I mean, we talk about how just one bad apple can change that whole environment. Big time.

Big time. Right. But the thing is, the environment that you guys all have is, is you are all, you know, you're very much the same. You care, you know, you care about each other. It's a team environment. Yep. You know, this, you know, place in specific has got very similar, you know, values, you know, they all love the same pop culture type stuff.

Mm-hmm. Yep. How important is this? Yeah. This is, that's again, I, I think it goes back to the space that we're in. Like, it's such a great job. Yeah. So, Like-minded people find each other and you're, you're, you have the same interests. Mm-hmm. You're interested in graphic design. You know, it, it makes a difference.

Yeah. Totally. But I mean, again, we've had an incredible team. Everybody genuinely likes each other. Yeah. And I know that's the way it is with, you know, Leslie's agency. Yeah. I know. That's some of the other agencies and my, their peers who have agencies. It's, it's important Yeah. To [00:36:00] have that culture. Yes, totally.

You know, and they do, they foster that, so, you know, Amazing to see that. Amazing to hear that. And that's what they love about graphic design, like amazing. Yeah. That's that's absolutely fabulous. I, I couldn't agree. This is the nicest space, the nicest people. Oh, we have a, we have such a good crew here too.

Such a good crew. Oh. And I think a lot of really good crews out there. Everybody's got their, yeah. Yeah. We're all fortunate. I've never met a shitty graphic designer. I've, I've met egotistical ones. Well, yeah. But, but those are a little different. Those are different. Yeah. They're, they're not usually team players.

No, they're not. And they're, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Screw them. Yeah. The with them that this is a positive episode. Yeah. This, but what we love doing, dragging it down. Ge, Sean, why don't bring those people up. All right. Things I love about graphic design. All right. Completed work. What? When the job was that? No, almost.

Oh. I love showing people what I do on a higher level because most of my friends think I color pictures. I just love that they [00:37:00] actually said that. Okay. Number two, seeing the finished product, it's quite nice running into your own work in the wild. Oh, love that. Right? Love that. And last, love the feeling of.

I did that after a great project completion. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. So that middle one, seeing your stuff out in the wild. Yep. Dude, sometimes I've been surprised. I'm like, holy shit, I did that. I turn around and it's like, oh, there's my logo, or Oh, I did that package. Right? Yeah. And um, you know, even, you know, I go into Canadian Tire and I see the same thing on a, on a regular basis.

Every time I go in there I'm like, but it's still, I'm like a kid every time. Like, he, I did that. Oh, my kids now pointed out. And they're like, yeah, yeah, you did that. Don't even bother. Don't go there. Don't even bother dad. But even when I was like young and single, you know, like I would take dates to places where I'd, you know, I was like, Hey, your stuff was like, by the way, I did that.

I did. They weren't impressed. But, you know, [00:38:00] but it is, it is really cool to see your stuff in the actual Cause we're, we're always presenting. Yes. And so we don't see it. But if you ever stumble across something mm-hmm. Or you're driving by and you're like, oh, I did that. Yeah. Or you drove by a restaurant and all said, it's like, oh.

My logo, my sign. Mm-hmm. That's right. Mm-hmm. I helped that. It is really cool. Like yeah, this town's not that big. Yeah. I mean, it's like half a million people, you know, all said and done, but it's just like you go end to end, to end, end. You're like, yeah, I touched that. I touched that. Yeah. I did this, I did that.

Yeah. It's kind of fucking cool. Yeah, it's very cool. Yeah, totally. Yeah, it's, it's pretty awesome. I mean, uh, this is, this is the whole reason why you do this kind of stuff, right? It's like it strokes the ego a little bit. Little bit, right. Makes you. Feel good again, Travis Peacock. You know, hey, I mean, again, while I do, you know, appreciate what my accountant does.

Mm-hmm. May, maybe not today, but overall, I don't think when he finishes my tax return, he's like, yep, nice. I did that. I did that. Boom. K up sucker. I don't think he, I don't think he gets the same [00:39:00] rush. No, I don't think he does. However, I did have a conversation with today and he was really cool cuz he is like, don't worry man, I got your back.

Yes. Even though he made me fucking pay up or he still said, I got your back. And I, I genuinely feel he meant it. Yes. I genuinely feel he meant it. And I don't think he gets the same rush that we do when we see our, you know exactly. A website go live. An app launch. Yes. You know, a new interface. Gets launched.

Yes. Or you know, a customer's like, Hey we, you know, we made this go live. It's working great. Or, or, you know, that infographic you got, you made us best infographic of the like Yeah. When you hear a third party saying, this has so much traffic to, it outperformed everything else in our company. Exactly. And it's like, yeah, yeah, we did that.

That's, that's pretty big. It's, it's, it's a good feeling. Yeah, absolutely. And it's nice to, but even like this whole idea about, you know, seeing the. Finished product. Like, so maybe not running into it wild. Mm-hmm. But like, you know, when you're working on a six month project, like websites and God, some of them are fucking enormous.

Yeah. And you go through hell to get them. But when it's [00:40:00] live and it's done and you know, you're dusting your hands off mm-hmm. And you're like, mm-hmm. Hey, you know what? Final invoice out project is closed. Yep. It's just an awe moment, you know, you're just like, that was awesome. Yes. I love that. Yep. Yeah, it's so good.

I totally feel all three of these, you know, except the whole light color pictures thing. Dude. My brother still, after 25 years, still has no fucking idea what I do. You do websites, right? Is that what you do? Yeah. Yeah. That's what I do. That's what I do. Yeah. Fair enough. Damn. Nah, you can't get 'em all. Not everybody understands this space.

Yeah, it is a little confusing. Alright, and last but not least, things I love about BI graphic designer, and this is just overall the general graphic design. Okay? These last three. I create for a living. Mm. A mouse is my pain. Pressure. Ooh. I get paid to draw for a living all caps. So that wasn't me. [00:41:00] That wasn't me who wrote this, but I saw that and I'm like, perfect.

Yeah. That's my job. Right? It's, that is, okay. Wait, there's two more. There's two more. There's two more. Okay. Oh yeah. But again, that one is fucking I, I could finish on that one and we probably should be, but there's two more. Yeah. It's fun and emotionally fulfilling career, which is important for mental health.

Wow. And our general wellbeing. Yeah. So that's an interesting one. Mm-hmm. Which we'll talk on. Yeah. The last, but not least, in the simplest and mo most blunt of terms. I like solving problems and making shit. And again, not me, it's just my dude. Is this you again? But that's why I was just like, wow, I gotta finish on these like weird ones.

So again, in reverse. Okay. Or, or wherever. Where do we touch on these ones? Let's go to the top. Rear me? Yeah, let's go to the top one. I create for living my mouse is my paintbrush. I get paid to draw for a living dude. Like again. What encapsulates what we do? That. Oh, right there, God. Right. Fucking [00:42:00] every day.

I don't have to, you and I don't have to get up and put on fucking work pants. Yep. You know, go in the freezing cold and scale a fucking giant building ladder or something. We don't have to put on Windows piece suit. And I know. Sit behind a desk looking, I know. Spreadsheets. Right. Exactly. We, and I tell my kids, I get paid to draw for a living.

And you know, even people, they're like, so what do you do for a living? I'm like, oh, you know, like really? I, I get paid to draw, which is great. Like, you know, my mouse is, is now replacing my crayons. Yes. It's fucking great, you know, and I know that dumbs it down so much. But really like, I mean again, it just feels like we're kids but just as adults.

That's exactly it. And this is why it keeps us young, I think. Cause we feel Yeah. Good call. Yeah. Cuz this is like our, you're right, the mouse is now our, our crayons are what used to be our crayons, right? Yeah. This is, this is cool stuff. Mm-hmm. I'm telling you. Yeah. Like this is every day you get up and it's like, oh man, this is good.

This is good to be good. This is great. Turn on your computer. I love [00:43:00] Photoshop. I love Illustrator. Yep. Yep. I mean, it's just fun to work in those programs, right? Absolutely, it is. And creating that. Oh. This is the best job ever, ever, ever. It is. Okay. The second one. Next one. Fun and emotionally fulfilling career, which is important for mental health in general.

Wellbeing, because we love what we do. Yep. Because, you know, we're drawing for a living. Mm-hmm. Right. It has a different mental strain. Yeah. We, we have already talked about, you know, how the mental, there can be some stresses in this job. There can, there can be. Yes, but I mean, there can be stresses in every job.

Yes. And that's what people have to remember. Yes, you could be fucking working at Starbucks or Tim Horton's or Dairy Queen. Dude. I'm seeing signs every fucking wear that say verbal abuse or any abuse is not tolerated. And this is, I'm seeing these signs. Everywhere. And it's because everywhere people are being yelled at and abused and dude, mental stress, this is everywhere.

It's crazy. Karens have taken over, but it's hilarious. Keep an eye open. Even at my doctor's office, there's a sign there and I'm [00:44:00] like, what's going on with the world that everywhere I look here in our town, everywhere, this, this town must be full of bunch of assholes. Because everywhere, look, there's signs out there that's saying they will not tolerate this kind of behavior and they won't good for them.

Huh. But it's just proof that no matter where you're at on this whole gamut of, of careers, whether you're just slinging coffee part-time Yeah. Or you're an accountant, a lawyer. Mm-hmm. You know, a receptionist, whatever. Obviously there are stresses that are associated with our job, right? Yep, yep. And you know, as the world gets tougher to live in, as you know, wages, you know, people are fighting for wages, inflation goes up.

Everybody's struggling one way or another. Yep. Your stress level's always gonna be there, right? No matter what. Yeah. But the thing is, our job is like we are drawing, we are creating. Mm-hmm. We have an outlet Yes. For our, you know, creativity, our artistic, you know, ambition. We have an outlet. Yeah. So just by that alone, the rest of the stress is still exist.

You know, it's through there and everything else. But the thing is, we don't have the work stress. Right. Like some of the other people still have to do. Exactly. Because honestly, can you imagine [00:45:00] what, like, you know, Doing data entry for days on end, you know, and now seeing, you know, your job is on the line for AI or this or that, or even programmers are going through a amount of stress.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. So, you know what this is, this is huge. Yeah. You know, for our mental health and wellbeing, I think the fact that we have an outlet, You know, where other jobs don't have that outlet. It's a huge part of what we do. Right? Yeah. Basically. And again, to kind of come back to one of the other points, it's like it's not the same thing over and over and over again, right?

Mm-hmm. So you, you've got a variation or, or a variety of things that you get to do, which I think helps your brain. We're flexing your brain on a regular basis. Exactly. Which, which makes your mind. Kind of, you know, you get to experiment with different things and different angles. And I know so many people that work, you know, for the city.

Yeah. And they're like, oh, it's a good gig. You know, you get paid great. I, you know, nine to five, this, that, whatever. And it's just like, but dude, you're doing the same shit. Day in, that's it. Day out. Yes. For 20 years. Yes. How are you not like, [00:46:00] Brain dead. Yes. You know, like, okay, fine, you've got decent pay. Yeah.

Because you know, and you great, great benefits. Sure. It's government work. Yes. But fuck dude. Yeah. Like the same shit. Shuffling the same papers. Mm-hmm. Looking for the same ways to hide from your manager for a couple hours every day. So you look like you're bus, like seriously? Yeah. Like, wow. Like there's no, there's nothing fulfilling about that.

Yeah. You're just, you're just. Surviving. Yeah. You're not thriving. Yeah. You know, like, it's so funny that you mentioned that because I, I, I applied for a job at the City of Waterloo. Yeah. A long time ago. This is way before I was here, and I know now I know the woman who got that job. Yeah. And she wants out desperately.

Cause it's so fucking boring. Funny. That I know. I know. And I was just like, wow. Whew. Right. Was dodge a bullet there? Yeah, totally. Exactly. Amazing. Like I would probably be very bored and upset and my mental health would not be Yeah. Where it is now. Exactly. If I was doing that kind of, [00:47:00] you'd be like brain dead.

Yeah, exactly. It'd be brain dead. Exactly. Yeah. Oh, geez. It's not all about the paycheck. No. Really? I, the, that's really not. Yeah. And this last one. Mm-hmm. In simplest and most blunt of terms, I like solving problems and making shit. Dude. Hallelujah. Testify, right? Yes. Like seriously? Um, yes. Solving problems and there's so much to solving problems.

Yes. It's the research, it's discovery, it's putting together the messages, using, you know, our intuition, our creative ability and, and finding that solution and that aha moment where it's like, oh, here it is. This is it. This is, you know what? This is how we did it. I didn't find anything about the aha moment.

I think. That's maybe my favorite part of self space. Yes. When you solve it and works and you put it together and you're like, holy shit, this is it. This is how we communicate this dude. Right? That that right there is my fa my personal thing, my, what I love most about graphic design is the rush I get.

With that, uh, when you figured out [00:48:00] Exactly. Moment. Exactly. And honestly, it's like, it's just when it all comes together and makes sense. Yes. And you found out the solution. Yes. You figured out the plan. You know, it's just like, Ah, yes. Yes, dude. Right. High five to that. Woo. Oh, that's my favorite part of this whole space.

I, I, you're real. I love everything here. It's, that aha moment is so like the rush. Yes. That's the culmination of all this stuff. Everything. Yes. Exactly. But ah, dude, that's, that's the whole point of the problem solving. It's, it's great. I guess problem solving is the aha moment. Mm-hmm. Sort of, but it's not.

The aha moment where you finally figure it out. Cause there's a lot of shit that goes up to that point of solving that problem. Exactly, exactly. And the journey again, how many times have we said that the journey is just as important as a destination? Absolutely it is. Enjoy that journey. Yes. It's sometimes it's, you struggle and I've seen memes of that.

It's like, holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. And she like, and then it's like, yeah, I'm here. So true dude. Yeah. [00:49:00] Exactly. Wow, dude. That's great. Yeah, I thought so. Actually, I'm glad that I got that. I'm, I'm, you know what? You're right. Mine is the, uh, let's change it all for me. This my, my favorite part of this whole space.

Yes, that's exactly it. You, I, I agree with that. Love everything else, but that is my favorite part is when it, it, that rush I get when you figure it all out. Exactly. And it all, all of a sudden just clicks. Makes sense. And you found that solution. Yes. Yes. Boom. Yes. Yeah. Dude, that was good. I hope you guys actually found some of this agreed to this.

Whatever we missed out, you gotta just drop us a line, like Yes. Drop us lines, whether it's on YouTube, whether it's, you know, within Instagram or whether it's on our, you know, our email system. Like please let us know, cuz I mean, I love this list. I love this. We, we are rock stars in what we do. Okay. Very few industries.

You know, people get the praise, the the cool factor. You know, we have the edge that we get to live with mm-hmm. On a regular basis. Mm-hmm. This is why we do what we do. That's right. And I think people need to remember this. Yes. You know, above everything else, we're always gonna have issues everywhere we go.

Every [00:50:00] job you go. You're always gonna have stresses. Clients sometimes get the best he is, are absolutely write some things or just like drive you nuts. But we gotta remember why we do what we do. Love it so much. Exactly. And there is, I don't think that there's lists like this where people are like, oh, why I love being an accountant.

Yeah. I don't think there's a list this big. Right. Or why I love being a lawyer or why I love being a dental hygienist. Yes. Or a truck driver. Yes. You know, like, you know everybody. I'm sure every space has got its highs. Yeah, it does. And every space has, you know, every space for every person. Y That's right.

Yes. Okay. Exactly. However, Based on who I am and how my mind works. Yeah. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Anything else, yes. Other than this. Yes. Because again, the freedom, the flexibility, you know, the, the, just, just the challenges we have on a regular basis. Dude, this rocks. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And and the funny thing is too, is like to come back to our interview yesterday.

Yeah. We both kind of hit on the same thing. It was like, We don't know anything else. And this is all we, this is all kind of, [00:51:00] we were, we were predestined to do. Yeah. Right. Yeah. I think, I believe that. I was just like, Uhhuh, you could try and, and believe me, the universe did try to pull me away from this, but Nope, that's fine.

You know what I mean? But this is just like, All I know is this and, and this is the kind of space, this is the only place I've ever wanted to be ever. Yes. Yeah. Exactly. That's so true, dude. So all this stuff resonates hard with me for sure. I absolutely love it all. Yeah, it's so good. It's, and it is, and it's so nice to hear that other people think the same thing.

Agreed. A hundred percent, yes. This is the greatest space in the world, man. It is. Right. We are very fortunate to do what we do. Yeah. And we've got so much runway ahead of us. That's right. You know, so enjoy. Enjoy what you do. Be proud. Hold your head up high. Yeah. You know, and really like, you know, we're lucky to be who we are.

Yeah. And what we do. And what we do. Absolutely. We've chosen an amazing career. That's right. Career, passion. Yeah, it is. Yeah, exactly. It's. So love it. Love everything about it. And there's like an army behind us too. Like everybody is all together. Yes. And everybody loves all graphic designers. All [00:52:00] graphic designers.

I know, right? Unite. We are the envy. Yes. Of everybody. Yes. Hell you celebrate that shit. Yes. Celebrate. Woo. That was a good one. All right, man. I hope you guys liked all this. Yes, I feel good. I feel great. Yes, I do. I feel much better than I did when I came in before I came into this. I do. I was worried about you.

I dunno if it's the buzz. I don't know if it's what it is or just going through this, but Yeah. Yeah. You know what this is, whatever was in the remnants of that tub, that this shit was made in all of a sudden just kinda lifted up my spirits. Alright. Okay, everybody. Yes, by all means, hit us up on, on, on our socials, hit us up on YouTube, share us with anybody you'd love or hate.

And, um, yeah, by all means, leave us a review and let us know. Um, you know, if you like what you hear Yeah. And on our website what you want to hear more of. Yes, we'd love to hear that. Absolutely. If this episode sucked, we'd love to hear it, but I know it didn't. You loved it. Yeah, you loved it. You know it.

With that being [00:53:00] said, yes, my name's Mossimo and my name is Sean. Stay creative, stay.

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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