The Angry Designer
Nov. 30, 2021

Will Graphic Designers be replaced by Robots? What you need to know!

Around every corner, you hear a new story about someone losing their job to some new, disrupting technology. From retail, to finance, to even web design - it seems no industry is safe from the futurists relentless pursuit of "The wrath of the Robots?"

Join The Angry Designers as they break apart modern day technology in the hopes of revealing if Robots are coming for a Graphic Designers job.

In this episode the bearded bros talk about:
- The Grid Automated website
- Bust techno terminology
- Explain what robots can & can't do
- Advice on how to prevent Skynet from taking your job

This episode will help you watch all of the episodes of Terminator with a new found sense of confidence and fearless attitude that Arnold will not be back.