Graphic Design Movies and Documentaries for Designers

Graphic Design Movies and Documentaries for Designers

Not all creative inspiration for a Graphic Designer needs to come from sources like hikes in the wild, a good book, or the call of the web! Sometimes a great flick with the right amount of story, music, and pop culture is all you need. 

The only problem is that there’s such a huge amount of content to stream (much of it a snor) that the best stuff can get lost in the mix. 

In this blog post, an Angry Designer shares his top Graphic Design Movies & Documentaries for Designers & Creative entrepreneurs to find their inspiration.


1. Helvetica

Helvetica is a 2007 American independent feature-length documentary film about typography and graphic design, centered on the eponymous typeface.


2. Art & Copy

Art & Copy is a 2009 documentary film, directed by Doug Pray, about the advertising industry in the U.S. The film follows the careers of advertisers,and covers advertising campaigns such as “Just Do It”, , “I Love New York” “Where’s the Beef?”, “I Want My MTV”, “Got Milk?” and “Think Different” 


3. Eames. The Architect & the Painter

Eames: The Architect and the Painter is a 2011 documentary film about American designers Charles and Ray Eames and the Eames Office. The film moves between a narrative about the husband and wife team to one about the Eames Office and its accomplishments, starting with chair design, but also moving through architecture, photography and film.


4. Design Canada

Design Canada is the first documentary chronicling the history of Canadian graphic design and how it shaped a nation and its people.


5. Abstract: The Art of Design

Abstract: The Art of Design is a Netflix original documentary series highlighting artists in the field of design. Step inside the minds of the most innovative designers in a variety of disciplines and learn how design impacts every aspect of life.


6. Banksy and the rise of Outlaw Art

Banksy, the world’s most infamous street artist, whose political art, criminal stunts, and daring invasions outraged the establishment and created a revolutionary new movement while his identity remained shrouded in mystery.


7. Banksy does New York

Banksy Does New York is a documentary about “Banksy’s Better Out Than In” project. The documentary covers Banksy’s one month residency, in which the artist presented a new work of art daily and announced the locations via his Instagram account each morning.


8. High Score

High Score features interviews and segments around the creation and development of video games in the 1980s and 1990s. These are intermixed with animated segments rendered in a pixel-art style similar to video games of this period.


9. The Toys that Made Us

The minds behind history’s most iconic toy franchises discuss the rise — and sometimes fall — of their billion-dollar creations. The eight-episode documentary series focuses on the history of important toy lines like Star Wars, He-Man, Barbie, G.I. Joe, My LIttle Pony, Lego, Hello Kitty & Transformers. 


10. Fresh Dressed

Fresh Dressed chronicles the history of Hip-Hop <> Urban fashion and its rise from southern cotton plantations to the gangs of 1970s in the South Bronx, to corporate America, and everywhere in-between. 


11. Unbanned – The Legend of Air Jordan 1

Unbanned explores the dynamic life of AJ1 from its unlikely origins to its role in disrupting NBA rules, birthing sneaker culture, and influencing a social and cultural revolution. This is the story of a shoe that changed the world.


12. The Founder

The story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers’ innovative fast food eatery, McDonald’s, into the biggest restaurant business in the world, with a combination of ambition, persistence, and ruthlessness.


13. Dogtown & the Z Boys

Dogtown and Z-Boys is a documentary that explores the pioneering of the Zephyr skateboard team in the 1970s and the evolving sport of skateboarding. The documentary tells the story of a group of teenage surfer/skateboarders and their influence on the history of skateboarding culture.


14. 44 Pages

A portrait of Highlights Magazine following the creation of the cultural phenomenon’s 70th Anniversary issue, from the first editorial meeting to its arrival in homes, and introducing the quirky people who passionately produce the monthly publication for “the world’s most important people,”…children.

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