15.2 Reasons Graphic Design is the BEST career choice period!

Have you ever contemplated throwing in the towel as a Graphic Designer? That, possibly the daily grind of long days, short deadlines and countless revisions has finally taken its nasty toll on you and its time to consider something else for a career?
Join The Angry Designers in this not-so-angry episode as they tackle the TOP 15.2 reasons (of over 60) on why being a Graphic Designer Rocks. In this lengthy but uplifting podcast episode, the Gents review the Highlights of being a Graphic Designer.

If you’re in need of some ra-ra-ra I rock, some motivation, or just reminders of why this industry (despite all we put up with) is still the BEST career choice for creatives, you have to listen to this episode 100 times! Ok fine…1 should do.

Stay Angry

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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