The Angry Designer
Oct. 19, 2021

Less Fonts, More Design. Don't be so damn reliant on fonts - be the designer!

Have you ever spent more time searching for the perfect font than actually designing? The excessive surplus of fonts have created a nightmare for designers (and confusion). 
Famous legendary designer Massimo Vignelli said  "New fonts have created Visual pollution".

Join The Angry Designers as they battle against lazy designers who rely on fonts instead of good designs. This episode will shock you as they cover:

  • The problems with having a giant font list
  • How fonts create lazy designers
  • Visual Pollution & Massimo Vignelli
  • Global brands and the fonts they use
  • Type vs fonts
  • How to make your design bark

This episode will challenge you, shock you, and enlighten you to a new state of design. 

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