BIG Opportunities for Graphic Designers in Web – Another Conversation with Web Design Pro Josh Hall

What would you consider a big opportunity for a Graphic Designer – A new logo? How about that PLUS ongoing brand development, secured future design work,  a big pay day, & long lasting client relationships.

Offering web design services is not what it use to be – and within reach of virtually every single Graphic Designer.

Join The Angry Designers this week as we continue our conversation with the webs most popular Graphic Designer Turned Web Designer, Josh Hall.

From humble beginnings to website rock star success, a successful company acquisition and now successful business coach, Josh has been on an incredible journey that we can’t wait to share. In this episode 2, we chat about:
– How to secure future work as a Graphic Designer
– How to bill for a website
– The technical options you have
– AI and websites

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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