Using Google Fonts For Graphic Design – What a Designer Should Consider

Are Google fonts a Graphic Designers best friend, or Graphic Design Trap?

On one hand, they provide Graphic Designers with free use of responsive, high quality fonts for use in print or online, with the most open commercial font licenses available. On the other hand…it’s Google? A company that hasn’t always been known for it’s business ethics.

Join The Angry Designers as they debate what is either a Graphic Designers best friend, or worst nightmare: Google Fonts. In this episode, the not-so dynamic duo cover:
– Ridiculous font prices
– Typeface vs Font
– Open source fonts vs paid license
– what’s best for the customer

By the end of this episode you will either pledge your allegiance to using Google fonts for Graphic Design – or swear against the tyrannical regime that is Alphabet?

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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