The Angry Designer
Sep. 20, 2022

Brand Mascots: Grrrrrreat for business or just silly cartoons?

You know them to recognize them - but Brand Mascots aren't right for your clients. Or are they?

From Tony the Tiger to Ronald McDonald - Brand Mascots have captured the hearts of people globally! But they're just for kids right? No serious brand would ever consider using one would they?

Join The Angry Designers as they discover the wonderful world of Brand Mascots. In this not-so-angry episode, the gents tackle the fun topic of Brand Mascots, and talk about:

  • Difference between a logo and a mascot
  • 3 types of mascots
  • Why mascots work so well
  • Talk serious science
  • B2B vs B2C
  • How to create the right mascot

Be careful! After this episode, you may actually start looking for opportunities to pitch a mascot!