The Angry Designer
Sep. 27, 2022

How-to make your Graphic Design business look BIGGER than it is

Starting out in Graphic Design can be tough. Everyone wants bigger, better customers -but bigger, better customers want to deal with bigger, better businesses!

So how do you get out of this vicious cycle? How do you portray big business energy while still a start-up, and snag those all important clients? Is this what Fake-it until you make it means?

Join The Angry Designers as they discuss how zfactor beat start-up stigma. With first hand advice and tricks of the trade from the bearded beasts, the podcast episode covers:

- what is start-up stigma
- how to beat it
- tips on how to present yourself
- tips on how to present your business
- how accounting makes you look big

PLUS - the guys have some BIG BIG news to share. TOO big to mention here. 

After this episode you'll snag those BIG customers like a pro - size doesn't matter (he he)