There’s Riches in Niches: why Graphic Designers Should Specialize

Should Graphic Designers be Generalists or should they be Specialists?

Why wouldn’t you take any job or customer that comes your way? Why limit your client-tele, your creative freedom, your potential for greatness! 

A lot of graphic designers are wary of specializing, but from personal experience, finding a niche and sticking to it was the best damn decision zfactor ever made – to the tune of 7 figures!

Join The Angry Designers for another absorbing episode where the bearded brutes uncover the Riches in the Niches – why Graphic Designers should specialize. In this podcast episode, the guys uncover:
– what it means to specialize
– types of specializations
– the benefits of specializing in an industry niche
– how to go about finding your niche

This episode will have you digging deep, to see if your personal interests can lead to a profitable future.

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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