Can A Graphic Designer Also Be A UX Designer

Are Graphic Designers the real masterminds behind UX design?  

Ever wondered how similar a Graphic Designer’s intuition is to a UX designer’s strategy? Spoiler alert: It’s like comparing spray paint to stencils. We’re here to argue that maybe, just maybe, Graphic Designers have been doing UX Design all along – they just didn’t brag about it on LinkedIn.

In this episode of The Angry Designer, we’re diving deep into the rabbit hole where lines blur between Graphic Design and UX Design, challenging everything you thought you knew. We’re peeling back the layers of design history to:
– uncover the untold story of UX’s origins
– the similarities between Graphic & UX design principles
– when a UX Designer is unnecessary
– benefit of Cross-disciplinary design skills
– where to start with UX Design

Learn why embracing a UX mindset might just be the secret sauce you’ve been missing.

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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