Should Graphic Designers Design & Offer Websites?

Have you ever wondered if as a Graphic Designer, you should dive into web design? Does the thought of coding intimidate you, or are you curious about alternative ways to offer web services? This episode is a Graphic Designers guide through the digital dilemma.

We’re cutting through the noise to explore if Graphic Designers need to add web design to their skill set, if there is more to the web design process other than coding, and whether coding is even a must-have skill in today’s design world. With modern tools making web design more accessible, we delve into how you can expand your creative services without becoming a coding expert.

Join The Angry Designers as we weigh the pros and cons on if Graphic Designers should offer Websites and Web Design services. 

Packed with actionable advice, the guys cover: 
– different ways a Graphic Designer can get into Web design
– other digital opportunities 
– web design process without coding
– no-code website options

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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