The Angry Designer
Oct. 12, 2021

CMYK vs RGB - The great color debate & WHY all Graphic Designers need to know this

Digital first my A$$...nothing is more frustrating than trying to match an online brands color, with a printed output.  Why is it that those amazing colors you see on screen print out so pale and washed out? Or how you can't seem to find the right hex code to match that brochure you've been asked to match?

Join The Angry Designers this week as they take you back to school to Colors 101 where you will learn the differences between CMYK, RBG, Spot and Hex colors. In this episode the bearded gents cover:

  • The differences
  • Why a digital first attitude is wrong
  • Print vs Digital
  • Best file formats for each
  • Tips on how to convert colors

You will leave this episode enlightened, with a new sense of Martha Stewart color mastery.

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