The Angry Designer
Nov. 15, 2022

Do real Graphic Designers use Canva?

Digital design platforms like Canva and the NEW Adobe Express are becoming more and more popular, with a massive amount of ready-made designs available for the masses to tap into.

Hey look, Canva can be great for a small business that needs a quick, disposable design. It's constantly evolving and introducing new capabilities (more recently including text-to-image AI). In the right hands, it can an awesome tool.
But we have to ask - does tweaking a few colors here and adding a few shapes there give you the right to call yourself a graphic designer?

On this episode of The Angry Designer, we dig deep into software that has made many Graphic Designers VERY ANGRY - Canva. In this episode, the guys discuss:

  • Why Canva upsets Graphic Designers
  • What Canva does and does not do
  • The super evil Adobe implication
  • How to use Canva to your benefit

This episode may or may not turn a leaf on your feelings towards Canva, but one things for sure...Adobe is still evil.