The Angry Designer
Nov. 22, 2022

Signs you're becoming a BAD Graphic Designer

Whether you've been a Graphic Designer for 2 years or 20,  it's easy to get some bad habits. Getting a bit too comfortable, getting a little sloppy, cutting a corner here, there - then laziness kicks in and before we know it, we've turned into a sh*tty designer. 

So, how do you avoid ruining your game and your reputation? What are the warning signs to watch out for and take notice of before it's too late? They are often small habits in design, type or in your attitude that creep up to a whole lotta trouble.

In this episode of The Angry Designer,  the bearded gents jump into part 1 of another awesome double episode, as they share the top signs that you're becoming a bad Graphic Designer. 

By the end of this episode, not only will you be provided with a list of Design & Typography habits to be aware of, but you may also be begging for a sneak listen to the 2nd half...just saying.