Fontaholic – A designers guide to knowing you’re addicted to Fonts.

You’re tempted to try but know you shouldn’t. The allure of this months trending font gets you and you try  just one. Then another. Next thing you know, you’re binging on fonts! Struggling to choose the right one in your own personal library of hundreds  that is grows daily, and then BOOM! You’ve gone too far.

Today, fonts are as widely available as stock photography and vectors. And with thousands of trending fonts, It’s hard not to be allured to use them in your artwork. But when have you gone too far? When does your love of fonts begin affecting your work?

Join the Angry Designers as they cover being a Fontaholic – and knowing when you’ve got a problem. In this episode, you will hear about:

  • What is a Typophile
  • Top used fonts on internet
  • Google fonts vs typekit
  • 100k font mistake
  • How to use headline fonts properly

This font will have you either have you searching for more fonts, or pairing down your collection.

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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