The Angry Designer
Jul. 13, 2021

Stock Photo Secrets - How not to suck at choosing the right photography

To use stock photos, or NOT to use stock photos. That is the questions!
 Do you use stock photography, or hire a real photographer? Which site to use, which license to buy. Finding the right stock photo is an art form all to it's own.

Join this loud episode of The Angry Designer where the guys tackle Stock Photography - a graphic designers friend! In this episode they cover:

  • history of stock photography
  • is Ghetty the king of stock?
  • different types of licenses
  • tips on choosing stock photos that don't suck

From being sued for using photos, to ridiculous images, this episode will leave you laughing, crying, and maybe a bit in pain...but in the end of it all, you'll be able to use Stock Photography like a champ!