The Angry Designer
Oct. 24, 2022

Horrible bosses - how Graphic Designers can cope & survive

How do I deal with a sh*tty creative boss? It's something we get asked about A LOT.

We see so much advice online from people who'll tell you to screw 'em, check out mentally, quiet quit, mess with their stuff, go behind their's TERRIBLE advice.

Sure, your boss might be an a**hole, but how you deal with them is a direct reflection on YOU. Ultimately, it's YOUR reputation that's on the line when you go up against a sh*tty boss.

Check out this fury-filled episode where the bearded beasts rant about sh*tty bosses and provide you with some solutions on how to deal with them. In this episode, the Gents cover topics like:

- Examples of a horrible boss
- The problem with horrible bosses
- The types of horrible bosses
- Solutions to deal with them

This episode may not have you wanting to hug your jerk-of-a-boss, but it will help you grow out of the experience into a better future.