How-to nail a Graphic Design interview: questions & tips to land your next job or client!

What’s absolutely terrifying, haunts your dreams and sucks every bit of confidence from your soul? Graphic Design INTERVIEWS!

There are some among us who show no fear in the face of a potential employer or new customer, but for a lot of graphic designers, the reality is that interviews can be scary as sh*t!

In this episode of The Angry Designer Podcast, the bearded gents tackle the terrifying topic of interviews & share with you their expertise and experiences as both interviewers and interviewees! In this first of two episodes, the guys will rant about:

  • 3 types of interviews
  • What zfactor looks for in candidates
  • Redflags in an interview
  • Disaster interview experiences
  • What to do before, during & after an interview

This episode will provide you experienced insights, practical advice, and will leave you a new sense of confidence to approach new potential employers & customers with!

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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