The Angry Designer
Apr. 5, 2022

Pro tips for Graphic Designers PART 2: The real skills that separate us

Getting to grips with the technical aspects of the design game takes time, patience and skill. But what about the people skills required, your ability to manage yourself, or your self awareness? 

Some argue these skills are what separate Junior designers from Senior!

Join The Angry Brutes as we go one step further and bring you the top soft skills that are absolute game changers for graphic designers! (Yes, we know 'soft skills' is an awful term, tune in to hear some of our...alternative suggestions).

In this jam packed episode, the dudes cover:
- What the heck are soft skills
- 7 Soft skills that are great to have
- How to develop & grow these skills
- Alternative names 

This episode will leave you in tears (laugh or cry), and truly make you aware of your inner beauty...or beast.