The Angry Designer
Mar. 29, 2022

Wireframes for Graphic designers: why stop at digital?

What comes to mind when you hear the term 'wireframes'? 

Bet it probably has something to do with websites, apps or UX design, right? But why should it stop there?

In this episode of The Angry Designer Podcast, the bearded gents take you through the world of wireframes - why they're so darn useful for graphic designers, and how to use them RIGHT so you can make sure you're nailing your designs from day one.
In this episode, the guys cover:

  • What is a wireframe
  • Is it just faster to skip them?
  • Benefits of wireframing ALL projects
  • How to include in your process

If you're building a house, you don't jump straight into fabrics and color schemes before you've even decided on the structure, so why would you start laying out creative without that same foundation.