The Angry Designer
Jun. 14, 2022

Should a Graphic Designer learn to code websites?

For graphic designers to survive and thrive in the modern world, they NEED to be able to expand their skills to keep up with digital elements of the game. For many of us - that now includes websites.

But does that mean we need to know how to code websites, or simply just understand the basic principles of coding?

Join The Angry Designers as they dive into the world of Code; a land of opportunity or regret for Graphic designers? In this episode, the bewhiskered beasts discuss:

- different types of digital design shops
- the importance of coding skills as a modern-day graphic designer
- front end vs back end
- advantages of understanding code as a graphic designer

This episode will help you get bigger projects, stay ahead of your competitors, and do just enough to master code, without being a coder

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