The Angry Designer
Jun. 7, 2022

The RISE of AI - A scary future for todays Graphic Designer

Can AI artificial intelligence really take the place of a graphic designer? 

There's a lot of anxiety circulating these days around the future of graphic design, with more advanced AI systems showing up in the design space.

Dalle 2 and Google Imagen are text to image AI software that can convert a phrase to a beautiful image equal to (or better) than most digital designers.

What does the future of Graphic design look like, and what graphic design jobs will be replaced? 

Join the Angry Designers as they question whether graphic designers need to fear technology and AI, or if it's time for graphic designers to embrace AI, and what that could mean for the future of the industry

In this episode, the bearded futurists cover:
- famous designer Nikolay Ironov
- Purpose of AI
- Dalle 2 & Google Imagen
- Nutellas successful AI experiment
- How we are already using AI

This episode may have you packing up your current gig - be prepared!