The Most Effective Logo: Which Type of Logo Do Consumers Prefer?

There are good logos, there are bad logos, and there are logos so terrible that they’re amazing 😆

Twitter Blue recently came out of left field with THE most bizarre logo choice (like, seriously, how do you find words to describe that synth wave nightmare?!)

It got us thinking, what makes an effective logo? What type of logos do consumers prefer? Descriptive or Non-descriptive? 🤔

Spoiler alert – it may not be what you think 👀

In this episode of The Angry Designer, the bearded beasts launch into the topic of descriptive vs non-descriptive logos, taking you through the advantages, challenges and examples of both, and what a recent Harvard Business study has to say about it all! 

This episode will provide you with such new material to present your customers that they will gladly throw an extra 10% more budget to your project!

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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