3 Types of New Logo Makeovers & How to Pitch them!

Changing a logo can be a big deal. It’s not just an image, it’s the face of a brand. It’s how customers spot you in the crowd.  And way too often, new logos are received with rejection, screams, and genuine anger!

But hold on, logo change doesn’t always mean an extreme makeover!

In our experience running zfactor, we’re all about the “Logo Trinity”, 3 degrees of a logo makeover. 

So how do you know which one is best for your client? What’s the best way to pitch a logo change that won’t leave them running for the hills?

This week, on The Angry Designer, the bold Canadians pull back the curtain on their tried and tested methods, and uncover their three degrees of a logo change.
In this not-so-angry episode, the guys cover topics like:

– Tell tale signs your customer needs a new logo
– 3 Degrees of a logo change
– How the Trinity of logo change helps you and customers
– How to pitch a new logo

Graphic Design is a marathon, not a sprint. Join us on this journey.

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